Nothing Is Funnier Than These New York Subway Passengers Trapped In A Moving Car With A Rat

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A rat managed to infiltrate New York's crowded A-train where it terrorized passengers. No, Remy, no!


Peter Dinklage And Pink Are Among The Celebrities Praising Bill de Blasio's Anti-Horse Carriage Stance

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Peter Dinklage, Pink and Alec Baldwin give NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's quest to end horse-drawn carriages a shot in the arm.


Watch Improv Everywhere Bring Spider-Man To Real Life New York

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Improv Everywhere brought Spider-Man to real life, as he jumped off a 20 story building, swung to the street, and saved Mary Jane from being kidnapped.


A New York City Marathon Runner Took Hilarious Selfies With All The Hotties She Saw

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One way to make a long-distance marathon exciting: take selfies with hotties.


A Company Will Soon Offer A VIP Public Restroom In New York City For $8 A Plop

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This summer, people in New York City will be able to poop and shower on the run thanks to POSH Stow and Go's VIP public bathrooms.


New York City’s Old Homestead Steakhouse Has A $150,000 Super Bowl Meal

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Got an extra $150K to spare? Chow down on Old Homestead's extravagant Super Bowl XLVIII meal in New York City this weekend.

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Watch These Hilarious Reactions To A Devil Baby Being Strolled Around Manhattan


Setting up a mechanical-springing devil baby from hell, the Devil's Due promotional team filmed around New York as people lost their sh*t.


Ring In The New Year With Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen


Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen are working together on two plays in New York City, and now they've taped their New Year's celebration.


Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Continue To Win Twitter, Also Christmas

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Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen have been posting delightful photos of themselves on Twitter, and the newest batch wishes us a Merry Christmas.

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That Time Christopher Walken Went Hitchhiking In New York City

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Next time you're in New York City, look out for Christopher Walken.


Jon Stewart Responded To The Backlash Over His Pizza Rant With A Magical New York Pizza PSA… And A Truce?

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Jon Stewart has received plenty of "feedback" since going on a tirade against Chicago's deep-dish product.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Jon Stewart’s Epic Rant Against Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

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The best rant you're guaranteed to see this week thanks to the new "sex and pizza" analogy alone.

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Century 21 Canceled A Banksy Show After He Called 1 World Trade Center A 'Disaster'

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The New York Times passed on a Banksy op-ed after the street artist called 1 World Trade Center a 'disaster,' and Century 21 canceled his exhibit.


Banksy Built A Sphinx In Queens And Some Idiots Claimed Ownership And Took It

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Banksy's latest New York street art contribution was a Sphinx built from crushed cinder block, and it was dismantled and stolen by clueless men.

Nuclear Weapons

Does The New $100 Bill Predict A Nuclear Attack On New York City? Maybe.

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According to one conspiracy theorist, the new $100 bill, when folded properly, predicts that nuclear missiles will cause a tidal wave in New York City.


The Least-Intimidating Gandalf Is In Central Park For Improv Everywhere


Improv Everywhere recreates another movie scene in New York City. This time a Paul Giamatti-esque version of Gandalf wishes people would stop passing.


Improv Everywhere Set Up The ‘Indiana Jones’ Boulder Chase Scene In Central Park


Improv Everywhere recreated the boulder chase scene from 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' in New York City's Central Park. Sure, why not?


Behold, The Greatest Pictures Yet Of Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen

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Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen are working together on Broadway, and more importantly, they've been hanging out in New York City and tweeting the photos.

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‘Carrie’ Coffee Shop Prank Serves Up Telekinesis With A Side Order Of Cynicism

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"What if telekinesis were real?" asks the publicity team for 'Carrie', who set up a telekinesis prank at the 'Snice Cafe in NYC's West Village.

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