All The Ways New York Comic-Con Has Surpassed San Diego Comic-Con

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New York Comic Con has officially surpassed San Diego in terms of attendance numbers. Here's why that's a good thing.


Marvel And Netflix Finally Revealed ‘Daredevil’ At New York Comic-Con

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Marvel and Netflix finally unveiled 'Daredevil' at New York Comic-Con, with a first-look at the costume.


Everything We Learned From the ‘Archer’ Panel At New York Comic-Con 2014

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Everything We Learned From the 'Archer' Panel At New York Comic-Con 2014


George Clooney Crashed NYCC With The First Trailer For ‘Tomorrowland’, Slammed ‘Batman And Robin’

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George Clooney said funny things in a surprise visit to New York Comic-Con, and here's the first trailer for his sci-fi 'Tomorrowland'.


Pete Holmes Polls Cosplayers About Being Horny At New York Comic-Con

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On The Pete Holmes Show, Pete visited New York Comic-Con, as well as doing another 'All The Games' segment.


This ‘Game of Thrones’ Cosplay Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

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We don't want to say too much about this video and spoil it. Let's just say this Margaery Tyrell cosplay really takes the Iron Throne.


The ‘Sh-t People Say’ Meme May Have Been Redeemed By ‘Sh-t Nerds Never Say’

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We declared the "Sh-t Various Groups Say" meme to be played out ages ago, but we'll make an exception for this video, 'Sh-t Nerds Never Say'.

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Roundup: Trevor’s Voice Actor Curses Out A Fan, Plus Mythbusters Episode 4

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Episode 4 of 'Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters' is out, and we also have a video of Trevor voice actor Steven Ogg cursing out a fan by the fan's request.


How Useful Is Wolverine Anyway? ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ Knows.

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Comedian Pete Holmes stars as Professor X, asking what some of us have always thought about Wolverine: how useful are his powers to the X-Men, really?


‘Star Wars Rebels’ Villain And Synopsis Revealed At New York Comic-Con

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'Star Wars Rebels' executive producer Dave Filoni introduces the villain -- The Inquisitor -- in a video from New York Comic-Con.


Here Is Our New Joker, Troy Baker, Performing ‘The Killing Joke’ At New York Comic-Con

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At the 'Batman: Arkham Origins' panel at New York Comic-Con, voice actor Troy Baker performed the monologue that landed him the role of The Joker.

Teaser Trailer

Here’s The Teaser Trailer For The ‘Hercules’ Movie Not Starring The Rock

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In the great, time-honored Hollywood tradition of woefully lacking creativity, <a href="" target="_blank">there will be two Hercules movies released in 2014</a>, and unfortunately neither of them will be about the legendary WWF wrestler.


The Best Cosplay From New York Comic-Con (Part Three)

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New York Comic-Con took place this weekend, so here are 30 of our favorite cosplay photos from the event.


Hey Everyone, It’s Chloe Moretz As Carrie

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New York Comic-Con took place over the weekend, and you can check out the most important stuff (read: awesome costumes) <a href="">over at Gamma Squad</a>, but there’s considerable buzz today over the details that were announced regarding the remake of the 1976 horror classic Carrie.


The Best Cosplay From New York Comic-Con (Part One)

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New York Comic-Con took place this weekend, so here are 30 of our favorite cosplay photos from the event.


Sci-Fi Speed Dating Program Will Air On, You Guessed It, TLC

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COOL STORY, BRO I don't really think I'm letting the cat out of the bag here when I say that that The Learning Channel <a href="">is a terrible, terrible broadcasting platform</a>.


The Best Costumes, Celebrities, and Pointless Merchandise from New York Comic Con

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This past weekend, <a href="">photographer Nadia</a> and I attended New York Comic Con in order to see people dressed up in wonderfully nerdy outfits and to find a signed No Doubt snare drum.


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer

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A new trailer for The Avengers screened at New York Comic-Con this weekend, and although we don't have a video from that screening (just Thing Happened On The Way to Thor's Hammer".

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