Mike Wallace

Watch Brandon Gibson Speak For Mike Wallace In This Bizarre Postgame Interview


Mike Wallace allegedly quit on his team, then had a teammate speak for him to the media.


Watch Geno Smith Get Punched In The Head During This Jets-Titans Brawl

By | 7 Comments

How was someone not ejected for this punch of Geno Smith?


This Kid Needed Some Bud Light To Get Through The Jets Game

By | 8 Comments

He's having the time of his life with some popcorn and Bud Light.


Watch What Happened To This Jets Fan Who Spent Five Hours Walking Around New York City

By | 20 Comments

Walking the streets of New York as a Jets fan is just as hilarious as it sounds.


George R.R. Martin Is Just As Disgusted As The Rest Of You Jets Fans

By | 14 Comments

He has an opinion on New York's other professional football team, too.


Did This Official Help The New England Patriots Win Last Night?

By | 13 Comments

Strap on your tinfoil hats everyone, there's another NFL conspiracy to ponder.


Geno Smith Annihilated A Woman On The Patriots Sideline

By | 4 Comments

Sadly this was the best hit of the Jets season.


Chris Johnson Inks Deal With New York Jets

By | 7 Comments

CJ2K is Rex Ryan's newest offensive weapon.


Kate Upton Already Had Her Super Bowl Party. For FASHION.


In Vogue's attempt to promote the Super Bowl, Kate Upton danced with Tracy Morgan, stole Michael Strahan's ring and stiff-armed Jason Biggs. For FASHION.


Your NFL Recap, Week 7: Geno & The Jets Come Up Big, Peyton Manning Falls Short In Indy Return

By | 37 Comments

When you think of beneficiaries of sh*tty NFL rules, Tom Brady (thanks to the Tuck Rule) is the first to pop up.


A Dolphins Fan Beat A Jets Fan With A PVC Pipe Because Sports Fans Are Morons

By | 6 Comments

The last time that I attended a Miami Dolphins game was back in 2009 for the first round of the NFL Playoffs, when Baltimore defeated Miami 27-9 at whatever the hell the Dolphins called that stadium back then.


Who Suplexed It Better: Sumo Champion Byamba or Jets CB Ellis Lankster?

By | 13 Comments

Who threw the better suplex this week, sumo monster Byamba or New York Jets cornerback Ellis Lankster?


Meet The 7-Year Old New York Jets Fan You’d Like To Hurl From The Top Of The Stadium

By | 15 Comments

A 7-year old New York Jets fan harassed a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan at MetLife Stadium, and it was captured in stunning vertical video.


Sports On TV: The Wonder Years’ 15 Greatest Sports Moments

By | 33 Comments

There's only one way to start a column about 'The Wonder Years.


With Leather's Watch This: Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Say Goodbye To Tim Tebow

By | 4 Comments

By now, we all know that Tim Tebow was unceremoniously released by the New York Jets after what can best be described as one pooptastic season with the team.


Taiwanese Animation: Tim Tebow Gets Cut


Tim Tebow's release by the New York Jets gets the always absurd Taiwanese animation treatment.


Jets Deal Darrelle Revis To Tampa Bay, Cornerback Signs $96M Deal

By | 29 Comments

While everything went according to plan in the opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs (higher seeds going 8-0), the biggest news in sports involved Darrelle Revis relocating "Revis Island" to Tampa Bay.


Peter Tebow Set To Deny His Brother 3 Times

By | 9 Comments

Tim Tebow's brother Peter lives in Denver, loves Jesus (according to his Twitter bio, at least, I don't know him personally or anything) and has over 15,000 Twitter followers, because every Bill Clinton needs his Roger.

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