All Right, Yankees Fans… Time To Give Curtis Granderson Some Manufactured Hell

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ESPN Tweeted an image with a conveniently re-worded quote from Curtis Granderson that makes it seem like he's dumping on Yankees fans.


The Awkward New York Mets Version Of Sleigh Ride Is The Best Gift You’ll Get This Year

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The New York Mets sang Sleigh Ride like somebody was holding a gun to their heads, and nothing says Christmas quite like bad athlete songs.


Keith Olbermann Had To Give Sports A Talkin’ To About 9/11

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Yesterday when <a href="" target="_blank">former New York Mets and Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine used 9/11 to throw shade at the New York Yankees</a>, we hoped and wondered aloud that that'd be the worst of it, and sports wouldn't act like such a bunch of idiots about a national tragedy.

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Bobby Valentine Used 9/11 To Take Some More Shots At The New York Yankees

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Former Mets and Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine made some new remarks about how the Yankees reacted in the aftermath of 9/11 that have people upset.


Jacked-Up Citi Field Muscleman Vs. A Bottle Of Aquafina. Who Ya Got?

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A jacked-up muscleman at New York's Citi Field tried to open a bottle of Aquafina and failed miserably. Bro, do you even drink?


Muscular Mets Fan Can’t Open Water Bottle


The camera catches a seemingly strong fan struggling to open a water bottle, and the announcers let him have it.

#jimmy fallon

Matt Harvey Wants To Know What You Think About Matt Harvey, Knows You’ve Seen Him Naked


Jimmy Fallon sent New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey out into the street to ask Mets fans what they think about Matt Harvey, and the results are fantastic.

#jimmy fallon

Matt Harvey Asks New Yorkers About Matt Harvey


New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey asks people on the streets of New York -- many of them fans of the Mets and Harvey -- about Matt Harvey.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Mets And Cubs Are Partly To Blame For Society’s Downfall

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I think Bob Costas is just trying to be cute and sarcastic in <a href="" target="_blank">this clip from Sunday’s U.S. Open Championship coverage</a>, when he took a break to recap the bottom dweller classic between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs.


Update: The New York Mets Love Creampies

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New rule: when somebody asks you a question on Twitter, run every word of it through the Urban Dictionary.


R.A. Dickey Won The Cy Young. Now He’s On The Daily Show Using ‘Circuitous’

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Next week he's going to be on Charlie Rose talking about Cet obscur objet du désir.


Adam Greenberg Isn’t Moonlight Graham, But He’s Close


You will read this line in every Adam Greenberg story, including this one.


Travis Snider’s Amazing Catch


Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Travis Snider climbs the fence to rob Mike Baxter of a homerun.


Come On, The Houston Astros Have To Be Doing This On Purpose

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Earlier this month, the Houston Astros committed what I consider to be the worst play in the history of professional baseball when they <a href="" target="_blank">turned a sacrifice bunt into a Cirque du Soleil-like dance of futility</a>.


Mike Francesa Erupts


WFAN radio personality Mike Francesa has had plenty of explosive moments on the air, but his rant about the flailing Mets during today's edition of The Mike Francesa Show might be his craziest yet.


Knuckleball The Movie: Not A Funny Or Die Sketch, Amazingly

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In the best example of a documentary turning a mundane task into high drama since King Of Kong's Steve Wiebe had to choose between breaking the world Donkey Kong record or wiping his kid's butt, FilmBuff's Knuckleball turns "throwing a knuckleball" into a mystical fraternity of dudes who throw a ball a certain way despite it turning them into the worst and most ostracized people in the world.

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