Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Weighed In On The Subway Series

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Now that the NBA Playoffs are over, we can finally get back to what matters around here most – baseball and partially nude women.


Note To Self: Kenya Hates Bill Buckner


Man, I'd hate to see how they reenact things with kids in Uganda.


Mr. Met Wins Best Mascot Poll, Phanatic Gets Even The Only Way He Knows How

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The Phillie Phanatic (a person/bird/thing I legitimately love more than most members of my family) is out for revenge.


Happy Anniversary, Mets Fans!

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I don’t believe that you can really judge a baseball team’s on-field success until at least May, once all of the kinks and bugs have been worked out, but I’ll go ahead and say now that one of the pleasant surprises of this early season is the 4-1, first place New York Mets.


Drink Up, The Next Round’s On Jose Reyes


Attention: Flushing-area alcoholics -- stop by your local Modell's Sporting Goods on the way out and pick up a gross of discounted Mets merch, because <a href="">Foley's NY Pub and Restaurant</a> is offering free drinks in exchange for Jose Reyes jerseys.


We All Owe The Miami Marlins An Apology

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Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria must be having a pretty good laugh right now, because we had mostly assumed that the rumors of his courtship of this offseason’s biggest free agents were a load of fish poop.


Boston Red Sox Now Managed By Japanese Sandwich Genius

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Bobby Valentine has been named manager of the Boston Red Sox.


ESPN’s NSFW-ish Body Issue: Naked Gymnastics And Awkward Nude Dunking

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ESPN The Magazine has released a batch of photos from the 2011 installment of their annual "The Body Issue", and while full-on nudity isn't something we can really share with you at With Leather, we can't see a picture of Blake Griffin dunking with his pants down and not share it with you.

#Mad Men

These Are Not The Morning Links You’re Looking For


[header photo by way of Amanda Rykoff] Links A Short Time Ago In A Stadium Not Far Far Away - The only thing Jason Fry of Faith and Fear In Flushing knows more about than the New York Mets is Star Wars, so it is super awesome that he got to be a Stormtrooper for the Mets.


This Is How Mr. Met Ended Up With A Baseball For A Head

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“I heard his mom screaming, looked back and blood was squirting out of his forehead,” said Mets second-basemen Justin Turner.


Nick Cannon Really Needs A Hug Now

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Last week, we gave New York Mets fans a heads up to avoid check out Citi Field on Friday before the Mets played the Milwaukee Brewers, as Nick Cannon and a local radio station, <a href="">92.3 NOW</a>, were hosting a pre-game event at which the host of "America’s Got Talent" would attempt to break the world record for the most hugs in one hour.


As If Mets Fans Haven't Suffered Enough

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All things considered, the New York Mets haven’t had too terrible of a season.


Morning Links: Beltran Away

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Sports Carlos Beltran To The Giants - Hopefully by "Giants" they mean "Cleveland Indians".

#comic con

Morning Links: Hey, This Doesn’t Look So Bad

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It sorta looks like somebody broke in and stole our furniture, but at least we don't have an "under construction" gif at the top of the page anywhere.


Morning Links: Stilted Mailings


Sports Wilt Chamberlain to Possibly Have His Own Postage Stamp - This is the most appropriate news bit of the day, as Wilt has been sticking it to white squares since 1958.


The Dugout: Meet the UltraMets

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In case you haven't been paying attention to the Mets since last Friday, these are the scores from their last four games, not counting the one in progress as this is being written: 6-25 @Rangers W 14-5 6-26 @Rangers W 8-5 6-28 @Tigers W 14-3 6-29 @Tigers W 16-9 Something crazy is happening to the Mets, and in the world of the Dugout that's a more dangerous topic than "Roger Clemens stabbed somebody in the heart and paid to have it covered up".

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