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ESPN’s NSFW-ish Body Issue: Naked Gymnastics And Awkward Nude Dunking

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ESPN The Magazine has released a batch of photos from the 2011 installment of their annual "The Body Issue", and while full-on nudity isn't something we can really share with you at With Leather, we can't see a picture of Blake Griffin dunking with his pants down and not share it with you.


These Are Not The Morning Links You’re Looking For


[header photo by way of Amanda Rykoff] Links A Short Time Ago In A Stadium Not Far Far Away - The only thing Jason Fry of Faith and Fear In Flushing knows more about than the New York Mets is Star Wars, so it is super awesome that he got to be a Stormtrooper for the Mets.


This Is How Mr. Met Ended Up With A Baseball For A Head

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“I heard his mom screaming, looked back and blood was squirting out of his forehead,” said Mets second-basemen Justin Turner.


Nick Cannon Really Needs A Hug Now

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Last week, we gave New York Mets fans a heads up to avoid check out Citi Field on Friday before the Mets played the Milwaukee Brewers, as Nick Cannon and a local radio station, <a href="">92.3 NOW</a>, were hosting a pre-game event at which the host of "America’s Got Talent" would attempt to break the world record for the most hugs in one hour.


As If Mets Fans Haven't Suffered Enough

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All things considered, the New York Mets haven’t had too terrible of a season.


Morning Links: Beltran Away

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Sports Carlos Beltran To The Giants - Hopefully by "Giants" they mean "Cleveland Indians".


Morning Links: Hey, This Doesn’t Look So Bad

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It sorta looks like somebody broke in and stole our furniture, but at least we don't have an "under construction" gif at the top of the page anywhere.


Morning Links: Stilted Mailings


Sports Wilt Chamberlain to Possibly Have His Own Postage Stamp - This is the most appropriate news bit of the day, as Wilt has been sticking it to white squares since 1958.


The Dugout: Meet the UltraMets

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In case you haven't been paying attention to the Mets since last Friday, these are the scores from their last four games, not counting the one in progress as this is being written: 6-25 @Rangers W 14-5 6-26 @Rangers W 8-5 6-28 @Tigers W 14-3 6-29 @Tigers W 16-9 Something crazy is happening to the Mets, and in the world of the Dugout that's a more dangerous topic than "Roger Clemens stabbed somebody in the heart and paid to have it covered up".


Tori No Namae Wa Phillie Phanatic Desu


Check out this clip from FUJI TV that might as well be a scene from Excel Saga of Japan Sports Reporter Florent Dabadie (who is French, which is why he looks like he's from Monty Python and sounds like Borat) interviewing the Phillie Phanatic.


Available in Wal-Mart’s $5 Bin – Ernest Essentials Collection, New York Mets


A few months after moving to Austin, I walked into a Dollar Tree and found a stack of Will Leitch's outstanding <a href="">God Save the Fan</a>, the only book to date (to my knowledge) that namedrops <a href="">The Dugout</a>.


Coors Failed


A Coors Field grounds crew member learned difficult lessons about coordination and teamwork when he was overtaken by the tarp during Tuesday night's Rockies/Mets rain delay and his crew just kept on jogging.


Morning Links: Now Starting for the New England Patriots, Panama Jack

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(Note: This is the closest I will ever come to writing about horse racing, at least until the next time somebody guns down a horse on the track and I have to type WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE WHY DO YOU ENJOY THIS.


The Dugout: Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

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Back in April, the New York Times did a story <a href="">about Mets knuckleballer/lobber R.A. Dickey and his unusually named bats</a>, and while having a bat named after The Hobbit is pretty amazing, it's nowhere near as amazing as the retraction at the bottom.


Morning Links: Good Morning and Welcome to A Website

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Those are vegan links, by the way, which is why they look like they were freshly squeezed out of a dog's butt.


Things Are Going Great For The Mets


At 4-7 and losers of 3 straight and 6 of their last 7, all is not well for the New York Mets.


Mets To Rename ‘BJ Club’ [UPDATE: Not Really]

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Baseball starts tomorrow, and one of the challenges of every--yes, seriously.


‘The Mets Are A Great Franchise’

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As pitchers and catchers trickle into spring training and Albert Pujols prepares to not sign a contract, baseball fans start to climb out of their holes and get ready for another summer of baseball.

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