Stanley Cup Finals

Watch A Celebrating LA Kings Fan Walk Across The Ice In High Heels And Completely Eat It

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Watch a young lady in high heels walk across the ice during a post-Stanley Cup Finals celebration and completely eat it.


Larry David And Charissa Thompson Should Definitely Have Their Own Hockey Show

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Celebrity sports fan dynamic duo Larry David and Charissa Thompson are the best at loud pre-game Stanley Cup analysis and selfies.

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Youppi!, The Montreal Canadiens Mascot, Upheld The Team’s Bet With Jimmy Fallon

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Beloved Canadiens mascot Youppi! took to the streets of Montreal in a Rangers jersey to honor the team's bet with Jimmy Fallon.


Henrik Lundqvist Got Fined $5,000 For Super Soaking Sidney Crosby

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Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist was fined for squirting Penguins star Sidney Crosby in the face with his water bottle. Oh no!

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Watch Tomas Hertl Scoff At The Sport Of Hockey With His Fourth Goal In One Game

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To score his fourth goal of the night against the Ranger, Sharks rookie Tomas Hertl flipped the puck between his legs and put it top shelf.


Congratulations Jonathan Quick, You’re Responsible For The Worst Goal In NHL History

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Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick allowed the worst goal in NHL history, and his explanation might be worse than the goal.


Could A Charity Game End The NHL Lockout?

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Not like they really needed it, but we can add yet another reason to support the NHL players as we enter Day 70 of the NHL lockout – they’re good human beings.


10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports

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Welcome to my day-late weekly predictions that will astound and amaze you, because they're so incredibly tuned into to a psychic frequency that nobody else on this planet could come up with them.


Brad Richards Craps All Over The Devils


Imagine how good they'd be if every player gave two sh*ts.


You Know What's Exactly Like 9/11? This Rangers/Caps Series

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As a Washington Capitals fan, I was stoked to see them top the New York Rangers on Wednesday and force a game 7.


And For No Reason, Here’s What Taiwan Thinks About The NHL Playoffs

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My favorite part of NMA World Edition's recap of the rising violence in the NHL Playoffs should be players drowning each other, morphing into literal devils and damage-dealing penguins (.


Hockey Says F**k It, Gets To The Point

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A brief place-setting and match listing from Travis Hughes at SBN: Rangers coach John Tortorella and Devils coach Peter DeBoer were jawing at one another before the game, perhaps as a result of the lineup card handed in by New Jersey.


The 2011 With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan Of The Year Is Kate Upton

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As we prepare to wow you with our analysis of stuff that already happened in our Top Sports Moments of 2011 next week, I figured that the best place to start with our annual year end celebration is our heart.


Sean Avery Leads A Fairy Tale Life

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New York Rangers star Sean Avery is famous for two things: wearing Auntie Nelda's glasses and for battling homophobia in sports by interning at a 500-page perfume ad.


The Next Logical Career Choice

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Former NHL journeyman left winger Donald Brashear has made a great career decision as he approaches his 40th birthday -- he's getting into mixed martial arts.


Sid The B*tch Strikes Again

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There aren't many things on this earth that I can't stand more than those fascist little Serbians, and one of them is Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby.


James Wisniewski Educates Sean Avery in Proper Fellatio Technique

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Sean Avery, the undisputed most hated man in a hockey arena, was at his havoc wreaking best over the weekend when he 'snowed' Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro in a classic show of douchebaggery on par with most Enrique Iglesias music videos then proceeded to hightail it away from a fighting opportunity when he was challenged by Islanders defenseman James Wisniewski.



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This video of the Rangers fan's scoreboard proposal getting shot down has already made the rounds, and credit has to be given where it's due; this is a nice spin on the "Let's Go Down To Floor Level And Make A Big Scene" play.



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Here's the second of two fights between Washington's Brandon Sugden and the Rangers' enforcer du jour Donald Brashear.

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