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Read Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch’s Response To A Negative New York Times Review

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Here's what Adam "MCA" Yauch of the Beastie Boys wrote to the New York Times after they gave one of the group's music videos a negative review.

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Larry David Wrote A New York Times Op-Ed About Terrorism And Moms

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Larry David, of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fame, wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times about his mother defending him as a terrorist.

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Today In Internet Pissing Matches: Telsa Motors Vs. The New York Times

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Tesla Motors and its CEO, Elon Musk, are not happy with the New York Times. To the point where they're releasing driving data.

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Frank Ocean Doesn't Talk A Lot, Is Obsessed With BMWs

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This weekend's Sunday New York Times features a big profile of Frank Ocean in the Times Magazine. Here are the five takeaways I found most interesting.


Chinese Hackers Have Been Hacking The New York Times And Wall Street Journal For Months


Hacking Chinese hackers have been hacking all over the hacking place. Damn Chinese hackers!


The 8 Craziest Passages From The NY Times Profile Of Lindsay Lohan's Kickstarter-Funded Erotic Movie

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Lindsay Lohan made shooting the Kickstarter-funded movie "The Canyons" a total nightmare, according to a New York Times profile.

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Hey, New York Times, We Were Hating On Guy Fieri Before It Was Cool

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A brief history of Guy Fieri hating, which has remixed its climax with the New York Times' scathing review of his Times Square restaurant.

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NY Times Tech Reporter David Pogue's Marriage Proposal Is Probably More Elaborate Than Yours

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New York Times tech reporter David Pogue really went all out in proposing to his lady. Try harder, fellas.


8.9 The Cooler

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Brianna Loyd New York Times Blasts Lolo Jones [Elev8] Crackpot’s Guide To How The Illuminati Infiltrated Television [Warming Glow] The Mirrored NFL Paths Of Randy Moss And Terrell Owens [The Sports Fan Journal] 10 Sporting Events That Would Be In The Hip-Hop Olympics [HHW] The [...].


NYT Story On Kate Upton’s Internet Popularity Filled With Quotes From People Who Should Die In A Fire

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As you may have noticed, we're fans of newly unveiled Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covergirl Kate Upton -- not just here, but across the UPROXX network, especially over at With Leather.


Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘Outraged’ By Yesterday’s NY Times Bombshell Report

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Newly minted Apple CEO Tim Cook read yesterday's report in the New York Times about how the factories in China that make your iPads, iPhones and iPods are basically salve labor camps and he is calling shenanigans on those dastardly communists at the "paper of record.


Here’s Brad Pitt as Eraserhead for some reason

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Here's Brad Pitt in a super short film featuring him dressed as Henry Spencer from David Lynch's 1978 film, Eraserhead.


The New York Times Finally Discovered Planking


Let me start off with a disclaimer: I'm not one of those people who revels in bashing the New York Times.


The NY Times Continues Its Hilarious War On Taylor Lautner


Kids, it's one thing for Vince at Film Drunk to frequently take blatant, vicious shots at Taylor Lautner's looks and acting skillz -- which he does often, hilariously -- but it's another thing when the New York Times, referred to in some circles as the "Old Grey Lady" because it's so goddamn staid, takes such shots, as it has and continues to do.

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NY Times Compares Taylor Lautner’s Face To That Of A Neanderthal


Okay, it's one thing for bloggy blogs like Filmdrunk to hilariously and accurately compare Taylor Lautner's face to a llama's, but it's another when the New York Times is dissing his looks in their review of Abduction, which I will not see, EVER, just as I will never see any movie in which Taylor Lautner is cast as the lead actor.

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