Derek Jeter Announces (From Atop A Pile Of Money Surrounded By Many Beautiful Women) That The 2014 Season Will Be His Last

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New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter announced via Facebook that the 2014 MLB season would be his last, ending a 20-season career and an amazing tail trail.


Here’s New York Republican Michael Grimm Threatening To Throw A Reporter Off Balcony

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Oh nothing to see here, just a NY Congressman threatening to break a reporter in half "like a boy".


Why Adding A ‘Kill Switch’ To Smartphones To Try To Discourage Theft Is A Terrible Idea

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New York State wants every cellphone to have a kill switch. But that's not going to help consumers, or stop theft. Here's why.


Courtney Love Left Her iPhone In A Cab And A NY Times Columnist Found It

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Courtney Love got really lucky. It could have been a someone who works for the New York Post.


Jon Stewart Responded To The Backlash Over His Pizza Rant With A Magical New York Pizza PSA… And A Truce?

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Jon Stewart has received plenty of "feedback" since going on a tirade against Chicago's deep-dish product.


This Craigslist Missed Connection From 1973 Will Probably Be The Plot To A Tom Hanks Movie Soon

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This Craigslist Missed Connection is no longer up, and we can only hope that it's because its author found the person he was looking for.

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Century 21 Canceled A Banksy Show After He Called 1 World Trade Center A 'Disaster'

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The New York Times passed on a Banksy op-ed after the street artist called 1 World Trade Center a 'disaster,' and Century 21 canceled his exhibit.


Of Course People Want To Know If Eliot Spitzer Is Having Sex With Prostitutes Again


Thanks to Anthony Weiner's latest batch of lewd messages, people are asking Eliot Spitzer if he's been canoodling with any escorts since his scandal.


With Leather's Watch This: Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Are Now Lacrosse Cheerleaders

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No UFC this weekend, nothing happening with the NBA now that the draft is over and all that we have tonight is a stupid Cubs game on WGN, and that’s after my bedtime.


KKK Member Arrested In Terror Plot Involving Radiation Death Ray

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A man claiming to be a member of the KKK was arrested for his alleged terror plot that would have targeted Muslims with a portable radiation death ray.


Georges St-Pierre Vs. Johny Hendricks Booked For UFC's 20th Anniversary Show

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The UFC has started announcing the details of its super spectacular, mega awesome 20th anniversary event on November 16, and the good news right out of the gates is that we’re finally going to see Johny Hendricks <a href="http://www.mmaweekly.com/report-georges-st-pierre-vs-johny-hendricks-at-ufc-167-to-serve-as-20th-anniversary-show" target="_blank">get his shot at Georges St-Pierre and the UFC Welterweight Championship</a>.

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Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt Have a Yodel Conversation


Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt have a "yodel conversation" across the New York City skyline.


MMA Is Now Legal Everywhere But In That Weird New York Shaped Red Part

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Don't worry, that headline's not really supposed to make sense.

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Foursquare Challenges You To A ‘Game Of Cones’

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Game of Thrones fans in New York and San Francisco can help their favorite ice cream shops win the Iron Cone in 'Game of Cones' this summer.


Noted NYC Art Writer’s Advice To Aspiring Artists: ‘Don’t Move To New York’

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Paddy Johnson, one of the more influential art writers around, is now openly advising young, aspiring artists to not move to NYC. It's just too expensive.


The Best And Worst Of WWE WrestleMania 29 Live

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Pre-show notes: - Comments, shares, likes, whatevers are appreciated.


Let’s Wonder How Bad My View Will Be At WrestleMania 29

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What you see above (with a hat tip to the entire Internet at once, and a specific hat tip from me to <a href="http://www.tjrwrestling.com" target="_blank">John Canton</a>) is the still-in-progress set for Sunday's WrestleMania 29 event at MetLife Stadium.


Amazon Has To Start Collecting Sales Tax In New York

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The free ride is officially over for New York residents: You'll have to pay sales tax on your Amazon purchases.


Attention New York Lawmakers: Here Are Some Very Good Reasons To Legalize MMA

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Much to the shock of many people who probably had no idea this is true, professional mixed martial arts matches are currently banned in New York.

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