The Catcalling Experiment Performed In New Zealand Suggests Catcalling May Be A Cultural Problem

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It's telling when the same NYC catcalling experiment performed somewhere else yields a completely different outcome.


AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Has Been Charged In Connection To An Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot

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AC/DC's Phil Rudd is facing some serious charges in New Zealand after an alleged murder plot uncovered drugs and more at his residence.


People In New Zealand Really Seem To Love KFC

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How far would you go for KFC? One town's customers are traveling nearly 50 miles for the Colonel.


Scientists In New Zealand Have Finally Determined Which Cheese Is Best For Pizzas

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A new study by researchers in New Zealand helps explain why mozzarella is simply the best when it comes to making pizza.

ryan dunn

New Zealand Newspaper Mistakenly Runs Photo Of ‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn Instead Of Dead Israeli Soldier

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The New Zealand Herald ran a photo Ryan Dunn accompanied with the headline, "Kiwi killed in Gaza" on the front page of their Monday edition.

Space Lizard

The Prime Minister Of New Zealand Had To Publicly Deny Being A Giant Space Lizard. Seriously.

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New Zealand Prime Minister John Key denies being a space lizard. That's what he wants you to believe, Sheeple.


New Zealand Doctor Fights Off Attacking Shark, Stitches Own Wound, Goes To The Bar For A Beer

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Fight off shark: CHECK. Stitch own wound: CHECK. Go to bar: CHECK. This dude is more badass than any of us will ever be.


Here’s An Important Reminder To Never Upset The Bakery That’s Making Your Cake

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A New Zealand bakery owner became fed up with an indecisive customer and sent her a cake that looked like poop and a note that read: 'Eat sh*t.'


This Drunk 9-Year-Old Kid Is The Biggest Scandal In New Zealand Right Now

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Oh, they're filming season two of "Top of the Lake" already?


Not A Bad Sports Joke: Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Was Inspired By George Brett And The Kansas City Royals

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New Zealand pop sensation Lorde's first hit 'Royals' was inspired by the Kansas City Royals, and I swear to God I'm not making that up to be funny.


A Teenager Sticking Her Bum On An Electric Fence Has An Even More Worrisome Ending

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Stick around for the ending of this electric fence video. It's worth it.

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A 19-Foot Crocodile Held A Kayaker Hostage On An Australian Island For Two Weeks

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A New Zealand kayaker was trapped on an Australian island for two weeks with no supplies by a 19-foot crocodile.


This New Zealand News Animation Is Hilarious

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In a recent clip from New Zealand's 3 News, a story about a dog that attacked several vehicles' tires received a rather humorous animation treatment.


Get Those Hobbit Holes Ready For The First Video Blog From ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’


The first video blog from 'The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug' tells us about Hobbit tourist attractions and the awesomeness of New Zealand.


New Zealand Man On House Arrest Opts For Jail After He Gets Sick Of Xbox

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A 19-year old New Zealand man asked police if he could spend the final month of his house arrest in jail because he was out of Xbox games to play.


Baby Names Banned in New Zealand vs. Baby Names Considered in Utah

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I give New Zealand a lot of grief for being the world's most <a href="" target="_blank">far-flung Lord of the Rings gift shop</a>, and for choosing their prime minister <a href="" target="_blank">via sack race</a>, but one thing New Zealand does do right is to ban parents from giving their kids stupid names.


New Zealand Is Mad At Ben Affleck About ‘Argo’ Now, Too

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Now that Iran’s leaders <a href="">have aired their grievances with the way their people were portrayed</a> in the 2013 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Argo, it is time for more countries that have been slighted to step forward and shame director Ben Affleck for his typical American ways.


Qantas passenger asked to remove his Princess Bride shirt on airplane

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This is the Princess Bride t-shirt that a Qantas flight attendant asked passenger Wynand Mullins to remove on a flight from Sydney to Auckland.

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