#Star Trek

A Man Convinced Investors Canada Was Making 'Star Trek' Medical Tricorders


Apparently there are people out there who think "Canada's funding Star Trek tricorders" sounds totally plausible...


The Joker Takes Villainy To The Next Level, Targets Applebee's


Apparently The Joker does not belong at Applebee's...


A Man Jumped 2,400 Feet Out of a Helicopter Without a Parachute and Somehow Didn't Die

As somebody who can't climb a stepladder without breaking into a sweat, skydiving has always seemed, well, pretty f--king insane to me, but it could be worse -- you could jump without the parachute.

#video games

My Pokemans, Let Me Show You Them for Cigarettes — Teens Arrested for Pokemon Thievery


I've never been to the clink, but perhaps one of our more uh, rogue-ish readers can enlighten me -- where exactly do guys who get busted for stealing Pokemon cards rank in the prison pecking order.

Sea Creatures

It's a Horrors of the Deep Kinda Friday — Giant Crabs and Bird-Eating Octopuses!


Spring is in full swing, temperatures are on the rise and soon enough you're going to be getting ideas about heading out to the beach.

#Star Wars

Engage Hyperspace — Obi-Wan Kenobi Causes Five-Car Pileup Then Flees the Scene

Brace yourself Star Wars fans, your once great series has been dealt yet another serious blow -- Obi-Wan Kenobi has been arrested for a hit-and-run incident.

#video games

Sega's Undignified Decline Continues — Urine-controlled Game "Toylet" Released in Japan

So, as we reported a while back, Sega's in trouble, and unfortunately they seem to be dedicated to fading out in the least dignified manner possible.

School Bans

The NYC Dept of Education Believes Kids Find Dinosaurs, Halloween, Dancing and Video Games Terribly Unpleasant


The New York City Department of Education wants to eliminate the word "dinosaur" from standardized tests.


Hey Malaysians — Please Your Personal Lois Lane With Superman’s Magnet-filled Underpants


Do you wish Superman would hurry up and get back to wearing his underwear over his tights again.

#Star Trek

Captain, Lawyer Shields Are Failing! Divorce Destroys the USS Tony Alleyne

Remember a couple years ago when that story about a guy turning his apartment into a Star Trek set made the rounds.


Time For an Incredible Intervention — Now The Hulk’s Robbing Banks

Bad news for Hulk fans hoping the big green guy would be able to pull off an incredible life transformation -- it seems the emerald giant has gone from drug dealer to bank robber.


Scandal! Incredible Hulk Caught Selling Drugs in England

Bad news Marvel maniacs -- it seems as though the Incredible Hulk has allowed his anger at the world to turn him towards drug dealing.

Space Balls

While You Were Shopping for Christmas Presents Space Balls Were Invading Namibia

You may have missed the news during the Christmas rush, so let me catch you up to speed -- ALIENS ARE PLANNING TO INVADE NAMIBIA.

#Star Wars

Breaking News — The Sith Have Infiltrated Toys R’ Us


Recently Christmas shoppers in Portland, Oregon unexpectedly found themselves on the front lines of a Galaxy-wide battle between the forces of good and evil.

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