Lots of People Watched Mitt Romney Tank His Presidential Election Prospects


No matter where your politics might lie, it's hard to argue with the notion that the clown-car circus that is the Republican Presidential Candidate field is trying their damdnest to ensure that President Obama is re-elected next year, 8.

ron raul

Bad Lip Reading’s Ron Paul Video May Be The Best One Yet

I've been looking forward to curiously eye-browed hard-line libertarian Ron Paul getting the Bad Lip Reading treatment.

ron paul

The Presidential candidates pick their favorite movies


Politics is little more than retarded theater these days, so when political candidates discuss their favorite movies, it's kind of surreal, like hearing Lord of the Rings characters explain who they voted for on Dancing with the Stars.

tea party zombies must die

‘Tea Party Zombies Must Die’ Lets Gamers Kill Right-Wing Zombies

Have you ever fantasized about punching Glenn Beck in his big, fat, stupid face.


President Obama Impersonator Exposes Racism In GOP


The satirical aspect of the joke seems to be lost on Americans these days.


Newt Gingrich To Announce Candidacy For President Via Twitter, Facebook

Thrice-married serial philanderer/family values conservative Newt Gingrich is running for the Republican presidential nomination -- everyone already knows this -- but his campaign machinery announced today that they'll announce it formally on Wednesday, via Twitter and Facebook of course, no doubt to make the pudgy old gasbag appear "hip" and "edgy" to the youngs.

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