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6 Last-Generation Gaming Innovations That Need To Die This Generation

By | 40 Comments

The last generation of gaming brought some new ideas, but maybe some of those ideas shouldn't live on...

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5 Reasons The PS4 Will No Longer Be On Top By The End Of 2014

By | 81 Comments

The PS4 is head of the console pack right now, but it may not last...

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5 Video Game Series That Were Ruined By Open Worlds

By | 44 Comments

All your favorite video game series are going open world, but is that always a good thing?

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6 Things Next-Gen Open World Games Absolutely Have To Do

By | 24 Comments

The makers of open world games now have more power to play with -- here's what they should use it for...

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Not Sure Which Console To Buy? Here’s Some Sage Advice Written By 8-Year-Olds


Let some grade 2 and 3 kids clarify the console race for you...

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10 Games That Will Make You Buy A Playstation 4 Or Xbox One In 2014

By | 25 Comments

Haven't invested in a PS4 or Xbox One yet? Well, here's 10 reasons you might want to take the plunge in 2014...

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5 Reasons You Should Buy The Wii U Over The PS4 Or Xbox One This Holiday

By | 32 Comments

Let's not forget about the Wii U amongst all the Xbox One and PS4 hype...

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5 Reasons It’s Still Worth Buying Video Game Consoles At Launch

By | 15 Comments

Should you feel bad about wanting to buy the PS4 and Xbox One at launch?

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When Should You Buy An Xbox One Or PS4?

By | 25 Comments

The big holiday fight is Xbox One vs. PS4... but which should you buy? And when should you buy them?

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So, Why Should You Buy ‘Assassin’s Creed IV’ On Next-Gen Systems?

By | 12 Comments

A peek at what 'Assassin's Creed IV' will look like on next-gen systems...

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5 Long-Running Video Game Series That Won't Survive The Next Generation

By | 53 Comments

The next generation may just be the death of some of your favorite video game series...

#video games

5 Simple Features That Would Make Next-Gen Consoles Far More Enticing

By | 26 Comments

These simple features would get me in line for the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One...

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