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At Least The Green Bay Packers Can Spend The Off Season Playing ‘The Settlers Of Catan’


Most of the team's starting offense spent the past few months honing their board game skills.

#Key And Peele

‘Key & Peele’ Perfectly Skewer NFL Pre-Game Shows With These Championship Weekend Predictions


'Key & Peele' are truly ready to take on the NFL during their Super Bowl special if this pair of clips is any indication.


An Important Reminder Why Richard Sherman Is A Blessing To The NFL And Us


A lot of people are upset with Richard Sherman's postgame interview from last night, but everyone should be celebrating his WWE-like personality.


Joel McHale’s Fight With Alison Brie About The NFC Championship Game Is Adorable


The future of "Community" is in doubt, and it's all because of Russell Wilson.


Kristin Cavallari Says Cutler Faked It, Will Cut You If You Said She Said That


We here at With Leather have been torn up about the broken engagement of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler, but according to reports from Hollywood Life the whirlwind romance of a reality television teenager and a hapless, emo quarterback might've not been the image of Camelot it seemed.


Fired Car Salesman Has A New Job?


After every news outlet on the planet reported that John “Jeff” Stone had been fired from Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, Illinois on Monday because he wore a Green Bay Packers tie to work, it was only a matter of time before a rival car dealership offered him a job.


Maurice Jones-Drew Received Death Threats


Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Jones Drew was one of a smattering of NFL stars that took to Twitter on Sunday to question the intestinal fortitude of Jay Cutler.


Jay Cutler Isn’t Very Popular


As Chicago Bears fans and even current NFL players have ripped QB Jay Cutler for having no heart in the Bears’ 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, it has been revealed that J-Cutty actually tore sprained his MCL yesterday and that's why he couldn't return to the game.

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