KSK Mock Draft: Adopting other sports’ rules/customs for the NFL


In this week's mock draft, we are selecting rules and traditions from other sports that we would like to see put into use by the NFL.

Shut Up Old Man

Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis Is Concerned About Butt Pats


Here is a simple guide for where you can and cannot touch another football player outside of the field of play.

tim schavitz

NFL to Define “Strike Zones” Rules for Hits Amid Recent Injuries


In order to avoid controversy over player safety, Roger Goodell held a press conference immediately after Monday Night Football to enact NFL rule changes to be effective in Week 7 of the season.

xmas ape

That’s One Stupid NFL Rule Off The Books


The most infamous rule change for the 2012 NFL season ended up being the one that stated if a head coach threw a challenge flag during an automatic review, not only would the offending coach be hit with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the review itself would be called off.

nfl rulebook

Some Of The Proposed NFL Rules Changes Not Getting A Lot Of Press


With the NFL's scouting combine in Indianapolis (which we've already established is an awesome city), there's only so much coverage one can digest of the league's competition committee meetings, which are transpiring at the same time.

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