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Cam’ron And Nick Cannon Traded Jabs On Instagram & Cam Landed A Haymaker


When Nick upped his attention whoring a notch last week by dying his hair cheetah print, Cam’ron threw a jab at the actor on Instagram.

nick cannon

Let’s Play A Game: What Does Nick Cannon’s New Hairstyle Look The Most Like?

By | 42 Comments

In Nick Cannon news, Nick Cannon has a wacky new hairstyle and is still totally hilarious!

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Let’s All Laugh At Nick Cannon Getting Booed At A New York Knicks Game

By | 17 Comments

Nick Cannon is lucky that booing was the worst thing to happen to him for interrupting a basketball game.


Mariah Carey Is Totally Pissed Off At Nick Cannon, Doesn’t Know Who Kim Kardashian Is

By | 3 Comments

If you wondered how pissed Mariah Carey was going to be at Nick Cannon for talking about the women he's slept with, the answer is very!


Today In Nick Cannon Trying Too Hard: Cheetah Print Hair And More Whiteface Controversy

By | 13 Comments

Just another day of Nick Cannon still being Nick Cannon, the gift that keeps on giving.


Mariah Carey Probably Isn’t Going To Be Happy About This Radio Interview Nick Cannon Just Gave

By | 9 Comments

Nick Cannon visited Power 106 and was asked a bunch of really inappropriate questions about his marriage and sex life which he was all too happy to divulge because Nick Cannon!

nick cannon

Nick Cannon Is Still The Worst And Thinks He Invented 'Whiteface' Now

By | 30 Comments

Nick Cannon revealed on Twitter that he thinks he invented "whiteface" because why not?


Nick Cannon In Whiteface Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Out Of

By | 55 Comments

Nick Cannon is possibly the most awkward and unfunny person on the face of the earth.

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Well GOOD MORNING To You, Mariah Carey!

By | 12 Comments

Mariah Carey wanted to send her husband, Nick Cannon, a pic of her tits for his birthday and we all benefit from it.

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Top Candidates To Replace Fallon On 'Late Night': Seth Meyers, Andy Cohen, Nick Cannon… Oh God

By | 30 Comments

NBC has identified Seth Meyers, Andy Cohen, and Nick Cannon as potential replacements for Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night."


Bad BOYZ II MEN in Black


That's right: Bad Boys meets BOYZ II MEN meets Men in Black.

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Dogs Won 'America's Got Talent,' Too

By | 12 Comments

For those of you keeping score at home, this means that the reigning champion of both 'America's Got Talent' AND 'Britain's Got Talent' is some kind of dancing/gymnastic dog act. This sort of thing has my complete and total support.


What’s On Tonight: Read A Book

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Minute to Win It/America's Got Talent (NBC) - NBC putting Guy Fieri and Nick Cannon back-to-back in primetime might be the most aggressive pro-reading initiative this country has ever seen.


Nick Cannon Really Needs A Hug Now

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Last week, we gave New York Mets fans a heads up to avoid check out Citi Field on Friday before the Mets played the Milwaukee Brewers, as Nick Cannon and a local radio station, <a href="">92.3 NOW</a>, were hosting a pre-game event at which the host of "America’s Got Talent" would attempt to break the world record for the most hugs in one hour.


Fun With Tag Lines: NBC Released The Posters For Its New Fall Shows

By | 17 Comments

NBC is rolling out the artwork for the new additions to the network’s fall lineup, and one thing is perfectly clear – the PR department has pumped out some serious tag lines.


Nick Cannon Crammed Into 'Up All Night' Cast

By | 8 Comments

When your new TV show hasn’t even aired yet and the network is already retooling it, the theme song might as well be a 20-second death rattle.


As If Mets Fans Haven't Suffered Enough

By | 2 Comments

All things considered, the New York Mets haven’t had too terrible of a season.

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People Who Work At ‘America’s Got Talent’ Watch Internet Porn Too


I know, I know -- you've probably been thinking for the longest time that America's Got Talent is one of the last bastions of wholesome goodness, morality and virtue left in the entertainment world.


I Found the Saddest Place on Earth

By | 28 Comments

Chances are, if more than a handful of people like something, there's a convention for it.

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