Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait Lit Up A Unique Sundance Show With Hilarious, Personal Anecdotes

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"I've been talking about Bill Cosby being a rapist onstage for 20 years. Only I didn't know it was actually true."


Even The Police In Australia Are Making Fun Of Nickelback Now


The Queensland Police Brigade made Nickelback the butt of their holiday season joke on Facebook to the joy of thousands.


Very Few People Purchased Nickelback’s New Album

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Is this the beginning of the end of Nickelback?


Not Excited For The CMAs? Yahoo! Has A Free Nickelback Concert Streaming Tonight.

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Don't care about the CMAs? There's always a live Nickelback concert streaming on Yahoo! Screen tonight.


Nickelback Just Did A Decent Cover Of Led Zeppelin And Now Earth Is Off Its Axis

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Frontman Chad Kroeger covered "Whole Lotta Love" for Sammy Hagar's birthday.


A Columnist Listened To Nickelback For 24 Hours To Determine If The Band Sucks

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The Toronto Star's Vinay Menon listened to Nickelback's albums for 24 hours to decide if he really hates the Canadian rockers.


Chad Kroeger And Nickelback Would Like To Thank Everyone For Hating Them

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Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger attributes his band's incredible success to all of the people who spew hate and vitriol at them,


Someone Started A Crowdfunding Site To Stop Nickelback’s Evil Reign Of Terror

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Using the Foo Fighters crowdfunding campaign as inspiration, fans of music started a campaign for Nickelback to never play London again.


Nickelback Is Back With A New Song And They Have Gone Full Crap Version Of Metallica

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Nickelback is ripping off Metallica. Not only that, but Metallica's LATE period.


Chad Kroeger Bought Avril Lavigne An Obnoxiously Huge Anniversary Ring

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Avril Lavigne shared a picture of the 17-carat ring that Chad Kroeger gave her for their first anniversary, because it's all about love.


The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Family Members You Hate: ‘Lullaby Renditions Of Nickelback’


Want to turn your baby into a generic redneck? Then here's the album for you: Lullaby Renditions of Nickelback.


A Race Car Driver Was Saved From A Fiery Crash By A Man In A Nickelback Shirt


It was a scary scene for one driver and racing fans during a recent event at the Boone Speedway in Boone, Iowa.


We Have Some Bad News For Drake Regarding The YOLO Wars

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Last month, Cajun Boy brought us the news that rapper/eyebrow farmer <a href="">Drake was growing rather concerned that retail stores were capitalizing on the phrase “You Only Live Once” or YOLO</a>, which Drake believes that he made popular with his 2011 hit <a href="">“The Motto”</a>.


Guy Trolling Westboro Baptist Church Wins The Internet Today

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Not only are the members of Westboro Baptist Church terrible people, they also have an awful taste in music,


It Finally Happened: Avril Lavigne Covered Nickelback

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Canada, thy destiny is fulfilled with Avril's cover of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me."


Nickelback Invites You To ‘Look At This Instagram’

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Nickelback doesn't have nearly enough songs about brunch.

How We’d Nickelroll Our Friends If Our Friends Were Chad Kroeger And Avril Lavigne (They’e Not)


If only we had their joint email address instead of just Avril's old hotmail she never checks anymore.

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