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Nic Cage Doesn’t Want You To See His New Movie, It Seems

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Nic Cage and the director of 'Dying of the Light' are urging you not to see it.

The Bringing

The Next Project From The Director Of ‘Drive’ Is A Horror Movie About Drinking Corpse Water

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The director of Drive's next project is 'The Bringing', a horror movie about a possibly haunted hotel.


The ‘Barbarella’ TV Show Is Being Directed By Who?!

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'Barbarella' is getting a TV pilot, with a... curious choice of director.


REVIEW: Only God Forgives

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A Landmark in Tasteful Tastelessness At its essence, Only God Forgives is a film about horrible people being bastardly to each other, so it was probably inevitable that critics (and I expect, audiences) would hate it.


Ryan Gosling’s Film Was Booed At Cannes

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By all accounts, Ryan Gosling’s latest film, Only God Forgives, which was directed by Drive’s Nicolas Winding Refn, is extremely violent.

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HI-YAH! Baby Goose Does Some Muay Thai

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If you're anything like everyone I know, you're probably already semi-tumescent or pre-ovulating for Only God Forgives, director Nicolas Winding Refn's follow up to Drive, once again starring everyone's favorite sweet-smelling Canadian, Ryan Gosling (if not, educate yourself with the trailers here).

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Imagine If 'Drive' Starring Ryan Gosling Was An 8-Bit Video Game

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We've seen 8-bit versions of Community, Mad Men, even Downton Abbey. Now, we can add Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 film "Drive" to the list. (If only this thing was a real game for Sega Genesis!)


TRAILERS: Only God Forgives Times Two

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Only God Forgives stars Ryan Gosling, re-teamed with his Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, and the last trailer I posted showed Baby Goose running around Thailand looking forlorn, challenging guys to fight and dragging an Asian dude around by the roof of his mouth (not very realistic as a fighting strategy, but a hell of an image).


Red-Band Trailer: Baby Goose wants to box in Only God Forgives

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We talk about Ryan Gosling being a sweet boy so often that people probably just think it's all a big joke.


Baby Goose Kickboxes! Ryan Gosling in the Only God Forgives Teaser.

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It's going to be a busy year for Baby Goose droppings (I'm sorry) with Gosling toplining Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad this weekend, Place Beyond the Pines from his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance in March, and an untitled Terrence Malick project supposedly in post-production.

Wonder Woman

Gina Carano Would Like To Play Wonder Woman, Loves Hancock


Director Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher, Bronson, Drive) is trying to make a Wonder Woman film, and Warner execs have already told him the success of his Logan’s Run remake will determine if he gets to helm a Wonder Woman movie.


Christina Hendricks Would Still Like To Be Wonder Woman

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Director Nicolas Winding Refn has already stated he wants Christina Hendricks to play Wonder Woman, and studio execs at Warner Brothers have told him the success of his Logan's Run remake will determine if he gets to make a Wonder Woman picture.

Wonder Woman

Nicolas Winding Refn Talks Wonder Woman Movie, Discusses Film


Look, it's no secret that everyone and their dog has tried their best to molest the legacy that is Wonder Woman.



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Below I have the new trailer for the Charlie Bronson movie.

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