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The Ratings Are In And ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Obliterated Everyone

By | 10 Comments

"The Walking Dead" beat everything last night, including football, on its way to record-setting ratings.


Everything At MSNBC Is Going Great (Everything Is Not Going Great)

By | 15 Comments

MSNBC just posted record low ratings, continuing its slide to the bottom of the cable news pack.


Nielsen Admits That A Software Glitch Screwed Up TV Ratings For Months

By | 23 Comments

Nielsen ratings took a hit in credibility following a seven month stretch of inaccurate ratings due to a glitch.


Fox’s $50 Million TV Experiment Has Bombed, Will Be Yanked From Tuesday Nights

By | 43 Comments

It's not the first 'cancellation' of the fall, but it's pretty damn close.


Here Are The Most-Watched Episodes For Some Of Your Favorite TV Shows

By | 5 Comments

Curious how the ratings for the highest rated episode of "Sons of Anarchy" compare to the most-watched "Game of Thrones"? Let's find out.


Fox’s $50 Million Reality Series Is A Huge, Honking Failure

By | 41 Comments

'Utopia,' Fox's year-long reality show gamble, is failing after three days. Miserably.


FX Made A Ratings Decision That Could Change Television For The Better

By | 14 Comments

FX is leading the fight against old-timey ratings models.


Just How Miserable Are ‘Halt And Catch Fire’s’ Ratings On AMC?

By | 51 Comments

'Halt and Catch Fire' is on track to become the worst rated show on AMC since 'Mad Men' transformed the network.


Here Are The Most Tweeted-About TV Shows Of The Season

By | 9 Comments

By one metric, "Breaking Bad" was the biggest show on TV this season.

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A Surprising Ranking Of The Late Night Talk Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

By | 40 Comments

To no one's surprise, Jimmy Fallon is number one in late night. But you may be surprised by who is number three.


Every 2013-2014 Primetime TV Show, Ranked By Nielsen Rating

By | 16 Comments

How did your favorite shows compare to "The Big Bang Theory"? NOT GREAT, BOB.


Let’s All Point And Laugh At The Imminent Death Of ‘American Idol’

By | 23 Comments

Singer-competition fatigue has officially set in, as 'American Idol' and 'The Voice' hit new lows.


10 Interesting Facts About American Television Consumption In 2013

By | 26 Comments

How much TV do we watch? How much channels do we use? How many ads are we exposed to?

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Ranking 25 Of Your Favorite Cable Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings


How do your favorite cable shows compare to other premiere cable shows in the ratings?

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