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Ranking 25 Of Your Favorite Cable Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings


How do your favorite cable shows compare to other premiere cable shows in the ratings?


Between Legal And Illegal Methods, Everyone In The World Watched The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere

By | 20 Comments

The "Game of Thrones" Season 4 premiere set torrenting records and was HBO's highest rated show since the series finale of "The Sopranos."


The Internet Was Wrong: Network Television Isn’t Dying. Ratings Compared To 1999 Are Steady.

By | 17 Comments

Once DVR viewership is accounted for, ratings for network television in 2014 compare favorably to the overall viewers in 1999.


Did The Super Bowl Give ‘New Girl’ And ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ A Ratings Bump In Its Regular Time Slot?

By | 31 Comments

Did the Super Bowl give 'New Girl' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' the ratings bounce Fox was hoping for?


Which Has More Viewers: The Most Watched TV Finales, The Highest Grossing Movies, Or The Super Bowl?

By | 16 Comments

We compare the number of viewers who watch the Super Bowl to the number of viewers who have seen the most popular movies and TV episodes of all time.


The Ratings For ‘Community’ Are Way Up! And Way Down! Math!

By | 38 Comments

Well, the ratings are in for the season premiere of "Community." There's good news and bad news.


10 Surprising Facts About Television Ratings In 2013

By | 20 Comments

A look back at the year in television ratings, including new highs for cable viewing and new lows for NBC's Thursday night comedies.


Compare The Most Watched TV Shows Over The Past 20 Years

By | 35 Comments

"NCIS" is the new "CSI" is the new "Seinfeld."


The 10 Highest Rated Cable Series Of 2013

By | 14 Comments

Although the USA Network and TBS battled it out for the highest rated cable network of 2013, neither had series in the top 10.


The Winners And Losers Among The Fall’s New Network Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

By | 36 Comments

How did the new fall shows hold up over the course of the season? With two exceptions, not very well, according to their Nielsen ratings.


This Is The Best Fact About The Ratings For ‘The Walking Dead’ You’ll Ever Read

By | 26 Comments

It makes sense when you think about it, but it's still a little crazy.


Everyone Watched The Season Premiere Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Last Night. EV-ER-Y-ONE.

By | 29 Comments

Holy moly. The ratings are in and people REALLY love zombies and football, apparently.


Week 2 Cancellation Watch: Ranking The Fall’s New Network Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

By | 64 Comments

A glimpse at the ratings for the new fall shows on the big four networks, so you'll know which shows are likely to still be around come Christmas.


The Ratings For ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Were Way, Way Down Last Night

By | 64 Comments

It also contained one of the more ridiculous scenes you'll ever see. So, ruh roh.


‘Breaking Bad’ Set ANOTHER Ratings Record Last Night Despite Going Up Against The Emmys

By | 17 Comments

Last night's episode of 'Breaking Bad' set yet another ratings record for the show, despite going up against the Emmys and the 'Dexter' series finale.


How Many Of The Top 25 Shows On The Cable And Broadcast Networks Do You Watch?

By | 96 Comments

The top 25 shows on cable and network TV this week shows how little many of us have in common with the larger television viewing public.

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