WWE Is Confiscating Cesaro Signs At Live Events Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

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According to reports, fans with pro-Cesaro signs at WWE live events are having them confiscated by security. 'Ziggler Please' is fine!


The Best And Worst Of WWE Night Of Champions 2014

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The Best and Worst of WWE Night Of Champions 2014, featuring Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena and a pretty racist Dolph Ziggler sign.


WWE Night Of Champions 2014 Open Discussion Thread

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Here's your official open discussion thread for WWE Night Of Champions 2014, featuring the SummerSlam rematch that has us all terrified.


Roman Reigns Was Just Rushed To The Hospital For Emergency Surgery

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WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was rushed to a Tennessee hospital for emergency surgery on Saturday, putting his upcoming PPV match in jeopardy.


Your Official With Spandex WWE Night Of Champions 2014 Predictions

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Here are your official With Spandex WWE Night Of Champions 2014 predictions, featuring a little optimism about John Cena, but not a lot.


You’ll Never Guess Who’s Getting A Title Shot Against Brock Lesnar At Night Of Champions

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Brock Lesnar's WWE World Heavyweight Championship challenger for the upcoming Night Of Champions has been named, and it's a shocker.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/17/12: Pink Ropes Forever

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Sorry for the delay on today's WWE Raw open discussion thread, I just got back from a magical weekend at Chikara's King Of Trios tournament in Easton, PA, and when I say "I just got back" I mean "I just walked into my home, put down my luggage and turned on the computer".


WWE Night Of Champions 2012 Open Discussion Thread With Special Guest Peter Rosenberg

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Tonight's card for WWE Night Of Champions 2012, the annual event celebrating the one night a year WWE remembers it has more than two champions: - Pre-show Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the United States Championship (participants unannounced) - Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Night Of Champions 2011

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Let's get a couple of things out of the way: - I am not Brandon.

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