Nike Doesn’t Care About Your Bank Account.

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All black everything for one hell of a six-pack.


PoV: Stay Fresh

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Doing some cleaning and rearranging of storage during downtime yesterday led to the bright idea to snap a quick shot of new clutter added to my closet during the month of June.


PoV: Carol Seleme x Nike Air Rift

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With one photo, Carol Seleme's cool just skyrocketed times one trillion.


John Gotty’s Top 20 Sneakers Of All Time

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Graphic: Miss Dimplez Footwear plays as much a role in my average day as mp3s do.


Nike Air Rift Black/Neo Lime-White

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Across the pond, Rifts release in men's sizes pretty often. Stateside? Not so much, as any pursuant of the cult classics can affirm. However, Miami's Shoe Gallery has the above pictured black-neo lime colorway available for a cool ticket compared to the price hike associated with buying Rifts from international sellers.


Nike Air Rift OG Colorway Retro

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I would never wear flip-flops, sandals, chancletas or anything resembling any of those.

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