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“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Goes Behind The Scenes With Ben J Of The New Boyz


The New Boyz left their dent in music and playlists nationwide with their dance-inspired hit "I'm A Jerk" Now, fans who jammed along to the chart-topping ditty from the Cali-based duo will be able to duke it out against their friends interactively, thanks to The Hip Hop Dance Experience.

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“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Takes Us Into A Day In The Life Of B.o.B


In between jet-setting across the globe on tour and wrapping up his latest mixtape, B.


“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Features Too $hort’s Signature Song

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Despite being his only successful club song, Too $hort's "Blow The Whistle" would be categorized by younger generations as a new school classic.

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2.28 The Cooler

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Thais Concepcion Chris Brown Goes Platinum Blonde [GG] Man Sues Walgreens For Giving Him Wart Remover Instead Of Eye Drops [The Consumerist] Antoine Dodson & Other Viral Stars To Make A Movie [TUD] Scene Breakdown: The Sandlot [Film Drunk] Who Fought the Law and Who Won.


“From Dowwwnntoowwwnn…”

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Cautious optimism came over me when I heard that NBA Jam was making a return for two reasons.


Win $1M For Pitching K’s

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Cocky and confident in their new pitching system in their latest MLB edition, 2K Sports is hosting an unprecedented competition where the gamer skilled enough to pitch a perfect game, could walk away $1,000,000 richer.


1.27 The Cooler

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Ashley Brown Could Get It Michael Jackson & Presley Marriage Certificate Is Sold For $70,800 [Showing Out] Ludacris Turns 'Battle of the Sexes' Into Compilation [RGF] Driver's 'Sugar Doughnut' Was Cocaine [Chicago Sun Times] 10 Amazing Optical Illusions [Unreality] Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro [Uncrate] Sex [...].


Throw The Book At ‘Em

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Remember those cops a few months back who were caught playing Nintendo Wii during a drug bust.


10.19 The Cooler

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Keyaura Caprece With Junk In The Trunk Ten Stunning Fan-Made Music Videos [Paste] Five Ways Twitter Will Make You Smarter [David Mullen] Counting The Namedrops In The Latest Game Mixtape [Ich Luge Bullets] Iran To Completely Drop U.


“No One’s Leaving Untill I Bowl A 300…”

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Back in March, some cops down in Florida went in for a drug bust and got deterred for over nine hours plying Nintendo Wii.

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Video: XBOX Natal Video Game Controller

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First, let me recommend that you watch the full, higher quality trailer by clicking here.


Video: Punch-Out!! Wii 2009 Official Trailer

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Words By Jason Hortillas The iconic 80's boxing video game "Punch Out.

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