Taiwanese Animation Takes On 'Breaking Bad'

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The charming lunatics at Next Media Animation in Taiwan are apparently branching out from covering news and current events, and I don't think I'm being unreasonable in the least when I say that society as a whole will be better for it.


Taiwanese Animators Tackle NBC Ratings

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Good ol' NMA Media -- everyone's favorite slap-dash Taiwanese animation crew -- has tackled NBC's ratings woes (video below).

#Jay Z

Oprah Oprah Oprah!

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Oprah Winfrey is of course in Australia with 300 of her audience members, an excitable mash-up of gay men, frumpy women, and a handful of neutered husbands.


This Is Getting Awfully Meta

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A few weeks back, NMA TV -- the Taiwanese animators who make fabulous recreations of American news -- made a video that recapped Conan O'Brien's exit from NBC and return to TV on TBS.


Snooki Gets The Taiwan Animation Treatment

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As the old saying goes, you're nobody in this world until you've been crudely animated by a Taiwanese news network.


Taiwan’s Computer-Animated History of Sarah Palin

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I have a tendency to ignore news stories, and that's why I appreciate Taiwan's NMA News.

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