taiwanese animation

Lil Wayne’s Sizzurp Seizure Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment


The folks behind the Taiwanese Animation Treatment videos have an interesting take on Lil Wayne's seizure.

taiwanese animation

Lana Del Rey Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

They say that you haven't really "made it" these days until the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation make you the subject of their web videos.


Care To See Our Weiner Updates?

It's been a while since we've had an update on Weinergate, and the 9-year-old in all of us isn't done making Weiner jokes.


Taiwan Sums Up Our Feelings On “Spider-Man: Musical Fail”

We've been beating up "Spider-Man: Fall Off a Set Piece" for a while now, but it's lacked one thing that would have put the cherry on top of the vitriolic sundae: a Taiwanese CGI animation mocking the ever-loving crap out of it.


Slaters Gonna Slate These Links

Batman Explains It All [Uproxx] Urine For A Shower Of Golden News [Uproxx News] Jim Norton spoils the ending of Eat, Pray, Love [Filmdrunk] Here's a perfectly normal English sentence: NBC bought a spec script for a buddy cop procedural comedy with zombies and vampires.


Taiwan Explains Apple’s Antennagate

Well of course Steve Jobs is battling Bill Gates with a lightsaber.

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