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The Ultimate Timeline Of Gwen Stefani’s Inexplicable Agelessness

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For Gwen Stefani's 45th birthday, we celebrate the seemingly ageless beauty and brilliance of the successful pop icon.


Check Out This Picture Of ‘Chunky’ Gwen Stefani Getting Sting’s Autograph In 1983

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Gwen Stefani Tweeted this photo of her getting Sting's autograph in 1983, and some people were a little upset that she called herself chunky.


Don’t Tweet (“Don’t Speak” Parody)


This parody of No Doubt's "Don't Speak" goes out to all the Twitter users who feel the need to tweet about everything.

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Gwen Stefani Is Still Angry Over Her Mii Dancing To Other People’s Songs

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Apparently it's damaging to her public image to have her dancing to music people want to listen to instead of '80s pop.


Video: Chrisette Michele Covers No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”

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I don't know how many more time we can say Chrisette is the truth, but here's more proof.

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Cover To Cover: “It’s My Life”

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With No Doubt gearing up for a triumphant return to just-one-of-the-guys Gwen Stefani, another duel of renditions rears its ugly head.

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