Young Buck

Birdman Was Once Forced To Apologize At Gunpoint And Other Wild Rap Industry Stories From Wendy Day

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Music industry insider Wendy Day tells of her experiences with Cash Money, No Limit Record and more.

The Medicine Men

Sound Breakdown: Craig B’s “Hot Boys and Girls”

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Beat By The Pound made some classics. Here is one of those hidden gems.

The Primer Series

The Primer: 10 Master P Songs Everyone Should Know

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Master P’s closet must be huge, because the man has worn quite a few hats throughout his extraordinary career.


“Is There Heaven For A Gangsta?”

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There's this basketball court roughly about 20 minutes from the house where I grew up.


Enjoy As Curren$y Raps About Master P’s Jump-Off Sneakers

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Let's take a quick moment and recognize the genius of Master P and his Jump-Off sneakers, the early hybrid that crossed the line between basketball shoes and bearing a striking likeness to fashion footwear like the Steve Maddens that were popping around the same time period (circa '99).


Ten Reasons To Revisit TRU’s “Hoody Hoo” Music Video

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While prepping for a night on the town this past Friday, I asked a buddy of mine which YouTube clip he wanted to help set the tone for our impending excursion.


On Mac, Market Saturation & The Demise Of No Limit Records

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If you attended high school during in the '90s, you'll undoubtedly remember when No Limit single-handedly kept record stores in business during the later portion of the decade.

No Limit Records

The Greatest Hits From The Tank

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Ridged, rock-hard, plastic jewel cases.


Today’s Headline: “C-Murder Cannot Afford Appeal For Murder Case”

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For over a decade, I watched my grandfather & then my father spend incessantly on my aunt Jean, now the former junkie.

No Limit Records

“I Miss That Old Curren$y…”

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You'll rarely hear anyone say that because most forget how long Spit Vicious has actually been around.

veteran's day

“Gimme The Salute…”

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Seeing that I'm a veteran, I asked Jeff what they had planned for their weekly installment, he assured that I would be proud for they were doing a tribute to fallen soldiers.

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