Disney Wants A Sparkly Vampire To Play Indiana Jones

By | 23 Comments

Indiana Jones gets the worst casting rumor imaginable.


Starbucks Will Soon Start Selling Booze Because It Desperately Wants To Be All Things To All People

By | 15 Comments

It's not enough for Starbucks that you go in in the morning to get coffee. It wants to be your neighborhood bar at night now too.


Here’s Why You Should Maybe Wait To Buy Beyonce’s New Album

By | 18 Comments

Beyonce's new album is out. And you shouldn't buy it yet! Here's why.


Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Go To IKEA’s ‘Crayfish Party’

By | 27 Comments

You may have been recently invited to a "crayfish party" at IKEA. Do not even think about going to this.


NBC Is Developing A Pilot Starring Jessica Simpson Written By The Guy Who Wrote ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’

By | 23 Comments

Looks like we found out what "broad comedy" means. NBC is discussing a show about Jessica Simpson's life, written by the mind behind "Paul Blart: Mall Cop."

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