Robert Pattinson

Disney Wants A Sparkly Vampire To Play Indiana Jones

By | 22 Comments

Indiana Jones gets the worst casting rumor imaginable.

terrible ideas

Starbucks Will Soon Start Selling Booze Because It Desperately Wants To Be All Things To All People

By | 15 Comments

It's not enough for Starbucks that you go in in the morning to get coffee. It wants to be your neighborhood bar at night now too.


Meet Blaze, A Dog Not Afraid To Say No When Told To Get Into His Kennel


I have a feeling Blaze and my dog would get along great.


Here’s Why You Should Maybe Wait To Buy Beyonce’s New Album

By | 18 Comments

Beyonce's new album is out. And you shouldn't buy it yet! Here's why.

that shit cray

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Go To IKEA’s ‘Crayfish Party’

By | 30 Comments

You may have been recently invited to a "crayfish party" at IKEA. Do not even think about going to this.


NBC Is Developing A Pilot Starring Jessica Simpson Written By The Guy Who Wrote ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’

By | 23 Comments

Looks like we found out what "broad comedy" means. NBC is discussing a show about Jessica Simpson's life, written by the mind behind "Paul Blart: Mall Cop."

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