Drake – “Days In The East”

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R&B Drizzy returns to distract you all.

#Jay Z

“Motherf*ckers Never Loved Us”: Review of Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’

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Rap's upper echelon of uber-stars consists of four guys: Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem and <a href="">Drake</a>.

Noah "40" Shebib

2 Chainz Won “Songwriter Of The Year” Award While You Tweeted About the NBA Draft

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David D <a href="">still doesn't know</a> who the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted last night and S.

#Kanye West

QoTD: Which Producer Had The Best Year In Rap?

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Killing time and flipping through Hip-Hop Wired's <a href="">"The 25 Best Producers In Hip-Hop Right Now"</a> started an internal debate we decided to carry over for a larger discussion.

Salaam Remi

Nas – “Bye Baby”

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Saying Nas has made his fair share of questionable decisions - in music, life, women, hell, take your pick - is an understatement.


Riz Feat. Drake – “Waiting Up” (Prod. By “40”)

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Is there anything better than some new <a href="">Drake</a> on a Friday.

#Jay Z

1.12 The Cooler

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Kelsey Alexandra "How To Make It In America" Might Find a New Network <a href="">[Vulture]</a> Tina Fey and.

take care

Drake Makes “Headlines” With The First Official Single From Take Care

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Despite his reserved demeanor, Aubrey Graham doesn't shy away from the spotlight; he embraces it.

Rochelle Jordan

JoJo & Rochelle Jordan Take On Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”

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Drake and 40's newest offering <a href="">"Marvin's Room"</a> has been on repeat most of the week.

take care

Drake – “Marvin’s Room” (Prod. By Noah “40” Shebib)

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Listen in as <a href="">Drake</a> drunks dials (or is it "drank dials") an old flame on his latest offering, "Marvin's Room.

take care

Drake – “Dreams Money Can Buy”

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<a href=""> "Seriously, whoever said money cannot buy happiness was dead on. It can't. With that in mind though, dead white men on green pieces of paper can put a rather hefty down payment on it." -- <a href="">J. Tinsley</a> The love vs.

#Jay Z

Sade Feat. Jay-Z – “The Moon And The Sky (Remix)”

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<a href=""> These two living legends can teach you a thing or two about the galaxy since both have had astronomical careers and they're still going strong. Ms. Adu may have declined Drake's invitation to record on So Far Gone, but she's coming around slowly and surely, letting his personal producer, <a href="">40</a> get in the thick of things for her first ever pairing with Mr.

Noah "40" Shebib

Drake – “I Get Lonely Too”

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<a href=""> They say every suicide can be linked back to particular signs and events in retrospect. So if Aubrey ever decides his life is worth spit and plunges his yellow ass into Lake Ontario one night, we all can trace the act to this <a href="">TLC reinterpretation</a> from his R&B mixtape It's Never Enough.

#Jay Z

Drake Feat. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne – “Light Up (Rikers Remix)”

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<a href=""> While the warden's away, <a href="">Weezy</a> will play.

#Jay Z

Drake Feat. Jay-Z – “Light Up”

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<a href=""> Still blinded by yesterday's "<a href="">Fireworks</a>" display.

Young Money

Drake Feat. Lil Wayne – “Miss Me”

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<a href=""> Although it lacks the fiery passion that made <a href="">"Successful"</a> such an instantaneous classic, Drake and Weezy F.

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