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The Nolan Ryan Robin Venture Fight, Now In 8-Bits

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I think I speak for everyone when I say Nolan Ryan headlocking Robin Ventura and bashing him in the skull like a boss is the greatest moment in baseball history.


Another Massive Round Of Vintage Nike Print Ads

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Sunday morning's were once reserved for newspaper reading over a cup of coffee.


Skill Is Hereditary: Reid Ryan Does The Worm

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From the <a href="http://www.facebook.com/ExpressBaseball" target="_blank">official Round Rock Express Facebook page</a>: Have you seen Express Founder and CEO, Reid Ryan, busting out 'The Worm' at a Father-Daughter dance off.


Albert Pujols Murders Rangers Pitching With A Gun In Latest Taiwanese Animation

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In case you ever wanted to see Albert Pujols pull out a pistol and shoot somebody in the face, here's Next Media Animation's latest encapsulation of current events.


The Fabric Of Our Lives: Zooey Deschanel’s Star-Spangled Banner

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Here's another reason why you shouldn't have turned on Zooey Deschanel for being "quirky" -- she can sing the Star-Spangled Banner without putting her finger in her ear and trying to break it down.


Texas, And The Saddest Rain Delay In History

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Major League Baseball missed out on a marquee Justin Verlander/C.


Hilarious Loser Named White Sox Manager

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Q: How do you replace Ozzie Guillen as the manager of the Chicago White Sox.


The Rangers Are Overpaying… Again

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The Texas Rangers, who made it to the World Series last season after spending years under the iron fist of a moron owner before being purchased by Nolan Ryan and other guys who don't matter, are currently tied for first in the American League West with the Anaheim Angels of Anaheim, California-Los Angeles Berkeley South Angels, but they're already thinking ahead to the future.


Randy Johnson is Losing It

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The best part of watching Dirk Nowitzki throw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers (via this video, courtesy of <a href="http://lastangryfan.com/2011/06/dirk-nowitzki-and-his-gangliness-threw-out-the-first-pitch-at-rangers-mets-game/">The Last Angry Fan</a>) game isn't his massive jorts that could house a family of five or his general gangliness, but the idea that Nowitzki cannot comprehend balls that travel in a straight line.


Important Follow-Up: Rangers Set Sunglasses Record, But Not Really

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The least important part of this follow-up is that the Texas Rangers officially set a Guinness World Record on Tuesday by handing out glasses and organizing the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/06/everythings-darker-in-texas">"most people wearing sunglasses ... in the dark"</a>.


The Decider Decides to Not Get Hit in the Face with a Foul Ball

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<a href="http://www.myfoxorlando.com/dpp/hot_video/052411-video-foul-ball-lands-near-president-bush">VIDEO: Foul ball lands near President Bush: MyFoxORLANDO.com</a> I'm terrible at political humor.


Nolan Ryan Owns The Texas Rangers

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In what may be the best story of the year for baseball purists and people who hate Mark Cuban, Nolan Ryan is now the owner of the Texas Rangers.


Mark Cuban To Buy Texas Rangers?

By | 6 Comments

The Texas Rangers are in a huge financial mess, as lenders are owed more than $525 million by owner Tom Hicks’ sports group and his failing franchise.

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