Nook Color Gets a Major Overhaul, Still Needs Hacking

As we've mentioned before, we feel the stock Nook Color with a little Android rammed up in it is the best tablet you can buy, something we're standing behind, especially since we use it to buy comics.


Barnes & Noble And DC Comics Are Beefin’

A couple weeks ago DC Comics made a deal to sell the first digital versions of about a hundred of their graphic novels exclusively on Amazon's new Kindle Fire.

so easy even a mac user can do it

Your Best Android Tablet Is…A Nook?


If you're like me, that mystery rash is really starting to worry you.

wyclef jean

10.21 The Cooler


Arie Marie Will Never Drown Barnes And Noble's E-Reader Is Called "Nook" [Business Insider] Jillian Michaels Inspires Fear, Boners [Warming Glow] Weather Channel To Air Movies For The First Time [AP] Wyclef Jean Is Working On Memoir [AP] Three Corrections Officials Resign Over Foxy Brown [...].

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