This Great White Shark Choking To Death On A Sea Lion Is One More Reason To Never Visit Australia

By | 16 Comments

Remember how Australia is absolutely terrifying? Here's a shark choking on a sea lion to remind you.


And Now, The Best Of The WWE Totino’s BOLD ‘Show Us Your Superstar’ Contest

By | 22 Comments

WWE is teaming up with a frozen pizza company to find the next WWE Superstar. Spoiler alert: it's none of these people.


Meet The Nice Lady Who Gave ‘Sensuous’ Dolphin Handjobs During A NASA Study

By | 20 Comments

A NASA experiment to teach dolphins language taught at least one dolphin the language of love. Meaning "dolphin handjobs".


Did This Woman Seriously Squirt Breast Milk Into A Coworker’s Milk Carton?

By | 18 Comments

This video shows a woman pouring milk out of a carton into her coffee, then squirting milk from her breast back into the carton. REAL OR FAKE?


An Arizona Woman Called 911 Because Of A Squirrel Fighting A Snake

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Scottsdale authorities say they taken nearly 400 calls from residents who report seeing snakes near their homes, streets or sidewalks.


A Legless Lizard Crawls Inside A Man’s Penis In The Most Insane Episode Of ‘Sex Sent Me To The E.R.’ Yet

By | 12 Comments

On Saturday's episode of TLC's Emmy winning* Sex Sent Me to the E.R., a man lets a legless lizard crawl into his penis.


This Video Of A Tabby Cat Stalking A Dangerous Snake Is Both Terrifying And Hilarious

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This terrifying video of a tabby cat stalking a venomous snake thankfully has an unexpected twist ending.


Golf’s Newest Hazard? RATTLESNAKES!


A Marine and Vietnam vet was bitten by a rattlesnake while golfing, and he really didn't make a big deal of such an otherwise horrifying thing.


Six Flags Has Finished Construction On The Pants-Wetting ‘Zumanjaro: Drop Of Doom’

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Named the 'Drop of Doom,' the newest ride at Six Flags Great Adventure is the world's tallest and scariest drop ride at 41 stories and 90 mph speed.

x ray

Pennsylvania Man Gets Chainsaw Lodged In His Neck, Lives To See The Insane X-Ray

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A tree trimmer narrowly survived a near-deadly accident this week when his chainsaw kicked back and lodged into his neck and shoulder.


The Latest ‘First Kiss’ Parody, ‘First Sh*t’ Is Both Funny And Horrifying

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Funny Or Die's First Kiss Parody, First Sh*t, just put an end to the First Kiss parodies.


Today’s Internet Nightmare Fuel Is Brought To You By A Santa Ana Snake Hoarder


A Santa Ana teacher was arrested after nearly 400 snakes were found in the man's home.

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