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A Hook Prequel Centered on Rufio Supposedly in Development

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What's cooler than getting a Rufio tattoo to <a href="" target="_blank">cover up your Edward Cullen tattoo</a>.


Not Even Nintendo Knows When 'Super Mario Bros.' Came Out


Gamasutra recently posted one of the most hilarious articles you'll ever read about video game history: a lengthy, detailed, time-consuming, and ultimately completely futile quest to determine what day, exactly, "Super Mario Bros.


Thanks For The Memories, AIM

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The New York Times reports that <a href="">AOL has fired virtually everyone on its AIM team</a>.


Nickelodeon to Revive “Figure It Out”

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A few days ago, I thought to myself, “You know what the world could use right now.

alex rodriguez

The World Was A Much Better Place With MTV’s Rock N Jock Sports

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Over the weekend, my Uproxxian colleague <a href="">Danger Guerrero</a> sent me a link to an old MTV Rock N Jock Softball clip, and it basically turned my afternoon into a complete waste.


The Best Of Gallery 1988′s Garbage Pail Kids Exhibit

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We recently took a few <a href="">in-depth looks</a> at the <a href="">“Please Post Bills” exhibit</a> at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, which honored probably the greatest actor and coolest man to ever walk the Earth, Bill Murray.


Ten Skits That Prove ‘The Muppet Show’ Was For Adults More Than Kids

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I’ve been waiting for this day since the moment Muppets in Space first disappointed me back in 1999, which was approximately three minutes into the movie: today’s the day a new Muppet movie is released.


Yup, a Full Week Dedicated to the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Hawaii Movie

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In 1992, "Saved by the Bell" aired a four-episode TV movie in which the gang flew to Hawaii and saved Kelly's grandfather's hotel by terrorizing tourists.

Brain Damage

Your Nostalgia Is Killing You: The 30 Worst TV Theme Songs Of All Time

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Oh, bless your nostalgic hearts: That 10 year old inside of you will never allow you to recognize it, but the theme song to "Family Ties" and "Boy Meets World" was crap.

but does he play wyld stallyns?

Metalhead Covers Star Wars…and Mega Man…and Zelda…and…?


Metal, for all the reputation it has as being for badasses, is actually a fairly nerdy genre of music.


Is There Finally a Good Sonic Game Coming Out?

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Hey, remember when Sonic games were good.


Cellphone: It’s Not a Boom Box

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The boom box is actually an important phenomenon, so much so that there are <a href="">serious academic papers</a> that mention their social importance.



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Dunt dudda dunt dunt da, da da dut dah.

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