Naomi Campbell Doesn't Want To Comment On Kim Kardashian's Vogue Cover

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While the hosts of 'The Morning Show tried their best to set Naomi Campbell up, she wouldn't comment on Kim Kardashian's Vogue cover.


Check Out This Picture Of ‘Chunky’ Gwen Stefani Getting Sting’s Autograph In 1983

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Gwen Stefani Tweeted this photo of her getting Sting's autograph in 1983, and some people were a little upset that she called herself chunky.


Professional Athlete Afraid That People May Find Out He Likes Attractive Women

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David Haye is a 32-year old British boxer famous for a number of professional achievements, among them the WBA Heavyweight Championship and a 3rd place finish on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.


Update: Turns Out Crybaby Rangers Fan Has Pretty Good Parents

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Yesterday, we had a pretty great discussion about the young Texas Rangers fan who cried when Mitch Moreland tossed a ball into the stands and it was caught by a couple that spent the next 10 minutes taking photos of each other with that ball.

tucker max

Planned Parenthood Declined A $500,000 Donation From Tucker Max

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When you spend the better part of a decade busting your ass to establish a reputation as the world’s greatest storytelling womanizer, you shouldn’t be too shocked when it sticks with you long after you’d like it to.


Alleged Gym Ads Are Causing A Big Stink

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If you had 6 days in the “How Long Until People Will Start Complaining About Something Stupid.


Here’s A Controversy That Is Totally Stupid

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One of my favorite things in sports is when athletes make jokes in their postgame or practice press conferences and reporters either don’t get them or they do get them but still turn them into mini controversies for the sake of slow news days.


Naomie Harris Joins James Bond 23, Controversy Ensues

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With MGM’s financial woes in the back seat and production under way, the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise is making up for lost time (and Quantum of Solace) by adding some big names to the cast, notably Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes.

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