This Craigslist Post is San Francisco (Update)

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UPDATE, 2/7: A talked to a source close to the original post, who said that the author intended it to be more than a little bit sarcastic and tongue in cheek.


‘The Shawshank Omelette’ is pretty fantastic

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So we're calling this "The Shawshank Omelette.


‘My First Hardcore Song’ Should Be A Documentary

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As the Sundance Film Festival begins today, so does the search of every Hollywood executive for this year’s Martha Marcy May Marlene, which was the breakout hit of last year’s event, winning Sean Durkin the award for Best Director.


‘The Portman-Kunis Scissors’ are a delightful soccer team

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  At <a href="http://www.beautifulgear.com/2011/05/your-beautiful-gear-portman-kunis-united/" target="_blank">Bay to Breakers</a> last weekend, I think I counted a good 30 variations on Black Swan costumes (including a black guy dressed as a regular swan, which I thought was nicely subtle), making it by far the most popular costume of the day.


Watch the original ending of Election

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Alexander Payne's Election came out in 1999 and I don't think it's too hyperbolic to call it one of the best comedies of all time (people were still talking about it in 2008, when it provided a pretty <a href="http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2008/01/is_hillary_clinton_indeed_trac.html" target="_blank">dead-on metaphor</a> for the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama primary race).


Vin Diesel will teach you to breakdance, Plus: Diesel Facts

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Apparently this video was on ebaumsworld like a million years ago, but I didn't see it then, and now it's new again because of 5 Fast 5 Furious.


Simon Pegg’s stand-up comedy from 1995

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Thanks to <a href="http://gammasquad.uproxx.com/" target="_blank">Robopanda</a> for sending over this clip of a 25-year-old Simon Pegg doing stand-up comedy back in 1995.

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