Notable Quotable – Wale On ‘The God Smile’


Examining the lyrical brilliance of Wale's 'The God Smile.'

#Kanye West

Talk That Talk: Top 5 Notable Quotables Of 2011


If you ever find yourself having to explain to an alien what exactly gives Hip-Hop its distinctive voice, all you have to remember is that the power is in the words.

The Perfect Life

Notable Quotable – Crooked I On “Tears Of Fire”


Words By K1NG “I’m the product of a cheap condom, accidents happen My dad never knew he had a bastard kid rappin’ Sad when I met the man, imagine him laughing Saying I wish I could’ve wiped you off the mattress with napkins To him, my whole life is only worth a lame joke To me, him and Marvin Gaye’s father are in the same boat All I had was mama, all we had was drama So I’m a armed robber who needs body armor for all my karma It’s hard for me to breathe, I’m that gone No woman can be my backbone that’s what part of me believes Cuz soon as they get close it’s like pardon me, I leave Cupid shot at my chest, but my heart was on my sleeve In the dark I’m on my knees, praying to understand stuff Suicide rumbling in my head as I stand up Gun in my waist, tumbling down my leg through my pant cuff I’m reaching for it, I’m thinking please ignore it I’m sick of me.


The Talented Mr. Giles


50 Cent once teased Cam'ron for his nonsensical rhyme schemes.

This Ain't No Mixtape

Notable Quotable – Curren$y’s “Scared Of Monsters”


"Sweatpants and Bo Jacksons, Listening to Pac 'Teardrops & Closed Caskets' Story got told that was oh so tragic Everyday in the Crescent the same shit happen Nigga get clapped & retaliation follow Homey killed whoadie, Whoadie homies gone kill homey tomorrow Oblivious to it, I ride in my Monte Carlo Penning my rhymes of happiness, not sorrow Though I know shit from sugar, niggas'll push ya That's why when my brother offered me a burner I took it Pray I never have to use it, but I keep it baby Cause it seem the cool niggas getting killed lately And I'll be damned, nevermind, I put it behind DeLorean doing 85, I travel through time That's how I got that old game Leaning on the Azure Momma said 'Nice car' I'm like 'This old thing.

Road To Till The Casket Drops

Notable Quotable – Pusha T On “Big Dreams”


"IT'S THE reincarnation of Raekwon in an apron Lou Vuitton printed and coke scented Windin' through the flow cause it’s so vintage Nothin' like these timid gimmick, prepaid rappers with no minutes The real niggas live it, they mimic They H-O-V lane it and don’t get it The difference, the Blue Magic ain’t in it Reaching for my senate to govern critic opinion I watch them niggas throw away the pennant To he who claims to be the heir, how dare Pusha nay-say it Them niggas hear me and the mayday it So I can care less if Jay say it, it’s too political when Jay say it He play the game just instant replay it The best duo ever, I hangman these words together Pouring passion into every letter, this is my letter to the better I Masta Ace, you niggas standing in a Masta’s place fuck out my way.

The Testimony Of Gemstones

“Free Chilly.”


I know most of you hear us mention artists & tapes.

Theater Of The Mind

Notable Quotable – Ludacris’ “Intro”


Reupped out of sheer arrogance & ignorance.

Notable Quotables

’98 Notable Quotable – Big Pun From “Terror Squadians”


"Your style is unoffic' Niggaz like you stay on my wanted list Pun and Prince, we walkin' on kings, like a son of a bitch Fuckin' with this is hazardous to amateur battlers Average niggas get lost in the course of embarrassment Of course you don't have a chance, I'm the boss in your eminence Get tossed in the ambulance with the force of an avalanche I'll torture your fragile ass with rhetorical paragraphs For all of you that'll laugh at a historical aftermath I come equipped, my tongue and lips are like a hundred clips Look behind you, I'll blind you like when the sun eclipse Ain't no second chances, I glance at niggas, make em' wet they pants-es Chances are slim if Twinz done swing the rest of the ransom The best and the champion, that means I'm far beyond Dionne read my palm, told me to get on and put my army on Come along, follow the Don, my motto and song Is for tomorrow, cause today's almost already gone Let's get on, split your belly with the machete long Tear your arms of your shoulders, and tell ya to--- hold on.


’98 Notable Quotable – Sticky Fingaz On “Shut ‘Em Down”


Ayy man it's Sticky F-I-N-G-A-Z the crazy cajun blazin', bullets for dayz and dayz and grazin' amazin', I'm the guy that's lacin' Purple-hazin', hard-to-be-phasin' LORD all this hell that I'm raisin' God of the underground, I'm gunning 'em down with a thunder pound We gonna [SHUT 'EM DOWN.

Notable Quotables

’98 Notable Quotable – Freddie Foxxx From “I Luv”


I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw I love takin' niggas burners when they scared to draw I love plottin' on my enemies, I love to attack I love beatin' niggas down when they rhymes is whack I love.

song lyrics

Notable Quotable – Killer Mike On “God In The Building”


Pic swiped from Fresh "It's hot like hell in the South It feel like we like we in the devil's mouth in the South So white boys trippin cause we iced out Cool as a cucumber hoppin' out A '73 Impala with the brains blowed out Let the robbers follow, swear to God Fuck nigga, get your brains blowed out Your baby momma followed or your man shot down I'm from Martin Luther King, respect it it's holy ground Who'd a thought a nigga out a shotgun house Would ever drive a car with an angel that bow I'm the shit 'cause i come from the bowels The guts of the city, ain't a nigga fuckin' wit me Young player from the South, tell stories like Biggie Take the King's English, paint pictures so vivid Make the listener swear to God they lived it If that ain't God in motion, nigga tell me what is it The church ladies weep when they hear ya man speak They say they see God in me, but I'm in the streets They ask me why I'm rappin', tell me I'm called to preach I smile, kiss'em on they honey brown cheeks I tell'em "God bless'em" and they can serve for me But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he'd be.

The Nigger Tape

Notable Quotable – stic.man on “Association”


"A warrior walk alone It's one spot on his throne Fake friends be off and on But a man stands up on his own I'm raised by a different code Cut from a different cloth Never been a follower My mama told me to be a boss Watch who you hang around Don't let nobody bring you down Friends come and go like seasons, leaves turn to brown And some only come around when everything is green Be careful not to let a snake infiltrate your team For every Jesus there's a Judas Every Caesar there's a Brutus If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, are you gon' do it.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Notable Quotable – David Banner on “Middle Finger”


Pic Property of Ozone "I'm grippin' the nina, visions of 9-11 Visions of three sixes, no sevens This is Bushanomics George is a modern day Ronald Reagan I pray to God in the mist of pagans Niggas is just sayin': When do we stop playing.

Slum Village

Notable Quotable – Black Milk On “Hell Naw!”


Now, I don't throw the word "bitch" around carelessly, but this verse makes me be like "beeytch.

Stakes Is High

Notable Quotable – Posdonus On “Supa Emcees”


Words By DJ Sorce-1 "Within this program of rap, I'll eradicate the glitches Yo I'm dark like Wesley, but I be sparkin' more bitches And to them my constellation put your lives in jep' While you others represent, I present my rep Cause when it comes to making dents, I'm that main imprint Even smoke from blunts which give eyes the reddish tint Could not prevent, you from seeing I'm the light But bring attention to my words like some ass in tights I heard you want to fight me, with your words on stage So Mase pulls that instrumental from the jam you made And as he starts cutting what you sold, I'll talk all over your tones As if my name was Pete Rock or Sean "Puffy" Combs Send your tattered ass home, with celly phones I roam With my fleet, here to make this rap game complete While you live fables, unstable, acting very radical Projecting like you're hard, when in fact you're quite vaginal" De La Soul's Posdonus is a criminally underrated MC.

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