The 10 Best Albums of 2013: No. 3 – Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’

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Like it or not, NWTS proves the Canadian is here to stay.


Drake – “Worst Behavior” Video

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Starring Champagne Papi, Papi's papi and the sights of Memphis, Tennessee.


“Motherf*ckers Never Loved Us”: Review of Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’

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Rap's upper echelon of uber-stars consists of four guys: Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem and Drake.


First-Day Sales Projections Say ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Is Almost Platinum

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In classic underdog fashion, unheralded Toronto rapper Drake's Nothing Was The Same is moving some serious numbers.


Drake Pays Homage To ‘The A-Team’ And ‘Grand Theft Auto’ In “Hold On, We’re Going Home” Video

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The rollout for Drake's Nothing Was The Same has been as illustrious for a release day as one might've predicted.


Drake, John Cena And The Value Of Being Hated

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Last month during WWE's flagship SummerSlam main event, John Cena stood across the ring from Daniel Bryan.


Drake Performs New Song, “Too Much,” On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

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Drake took to national television to share another song off Nothing Was The Same.


Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever”

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When the tracklisting for Drake’s highly-anticipated Nothing Was The Same hit the ‘net, the song “Wu-Tang Forever” drew a significant amount of speculation from fans and observers.


Drake: “I Have Aspirations To Be Marvin Gaye”

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They say if you're going to dream, dream big.


Drake Releases ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Tracklist

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The wait is almost over to hear Drake's new album but at least today we get to see what to expect.


The Internet Is Having Fun Improving Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Album Cover

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Drake's "Nothing Was the Same" album cover is unfortunate, so the Internet is greatly improving it.


And Here Are Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Album Covers

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A good way to distract from the word that your album got a slight push back, reveal the artwork for that same album.


Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Pushed Back?

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Drake's super anticipated Nothing Was The Same album is scheduled to be released September 17 but it looks like the album may have been pushed back.


Jay Z, Lil Wayne To Be Featured On Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’

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Expect to hear the former King of New York on Drake's Nothing Was The Same.


Drake – “Hold On We’re Going Home”

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