Tom Chambers

Watch Jerian Grant Vault Off Defender, Get Head Above Rim On Poster Jam

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Remember the Phoenix Suns' Tom Chambers' legendary 1989 dunk against the New York Knicks.

fake girlfriends

Manti Te’o Wants You To Stop Joking About His Fake, Dead Girlfriend

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The time for Lennay Kekua jokes have come and gone. They are over, they are done with. R.I.P. fake dead girlfriend jokes.


Video: Notre Dame Guard Demetrius Jackson Posterizes 7-2 Defender


We're partial to the NBA, but a dunk like this deserves attention regardless of playing field.


Did Notre Dame Ask Justin Brent To Stop ‘Hanging Out’ With Porn Star Lisa Ann?

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Notre Dame got wind of one of their players hooking up with a porn star. Here's what they had to say.


Darren Rovell Is Obviously Not Pleased That A Notre Dame Football Player Might Be Boning A Porn Star

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Darren Rovell was the kid who told on you for copying your friend's homework and passing notes in class. In other words, he's the worst.


REPORT: Four Notre Dame Football Players Have Been Dismissed For Academic Fraud

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Some ugly things are being rumored at Notre Dame. Here's what we know right now.


A New Study Suggests That The ‘Trophy Wife’ Is Just A Myth Perpetuated By Haters

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According to a new sociological study, the 'trophy wife' is an unfair and demeaning stereotype, because women actually love old, rich men.


Meet The Notre Dame Bro Who Busted Into A Massage Parlor To Gorge On A Stash Of Hot Pockets

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This Notre Dame student showed little remorse for busting into a South Bend massage parlor and ruining their mac and cheese.


Watch Regis Philbin Reenact The Janitor Speech From ‘Rudy’ With The Janitor From ‘Rudy’

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Regis Philbin and Charles S. Dutton got together to do the inspirational janitor speech from 'Rudy' for FOX Sports.


Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel Is College Football's 'Ridiculously Photogenic Tailback'

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Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel was captured in action by a photographer and the result led to the "Ridiculously Photogenic Tailback" meme.


Ohio State President Gordon Gee Again Attempts Humor, Offends Someone

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For the sake of Ohioans everywhere, Ohio State president Gordon Gee needs to seriously shut the f*ck up.

University of Louisville

adidas Unveils New Uniforms For 6 College Basketball Teams

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During last season's NCAA Tournament, I remember Baylor's Crazy Light 2s being the talk of the tournament.


Why, Why, Manti?


Katie Couric's interview with Manti Te'o is songified into a catchy tune that showcases his smooth Samoan baritone.


Catfish: Manti Te’o Edition


A parody of the Catfish movie trailer, starring Manti Te'o.


Manti Te’o’s eHarmony Ad


Manti Te'o talks about his incredible relationship with his completely real love, Lennay Kekua.


Is The Manti Te’o Hoax Really The Worst Fake Internet Girlfriend Story Of All-Time?

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I thought we all had a pretty great conversation about the Manti Te’o story yesterday – except the one or two commenters who sassed me – so I wanted to bring up two fun little updates to the story because they jumped out of my monitors this morning and smacked me in the balls.


Baseball Team To Have “Manti Te’o Girlfriend Bobblehead Day”

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We should have seen this type of behavior coming.


Taiwanese Animation: Manti Te’o’s Fake Dead Girlfriend


Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o’s dead girlfriend hoax gets the always absurd Taiwanese animation treatment.


Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend Is Now More Famous Than AJ McCarron’s Real Girlfriend

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It appears that journalists and fans were served a hot plate of Catfish, which neither group checked closely enough to ensure that it passed the smell test.

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