Aloe Blacc Reminisces On His Youth

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<a href=""> Aloe Blacc's "Fourteen" catches the Cali artist fondly recalling his days long before he needed dollars. 14KT's production sets the tone for this flashback track featuring no frills MC'ing on Aloe's end. What's more is the song will likely make you recollect on your younger days when things were so simple. I know it got me looking back to a time when pick up games, GoldenEye 007 marathons and general mischievousness were routine in my adolescence. Give it a spin and take a trip down memory lane while you're at it. <a href="">Aloe Blacc "Fourteen" (Prod. by 14KT)</a> Via <a href="">Culture King</a>.


14KT – Nowalataz

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The internet is a gift and a curse when it comes to the consumption and creation of music.


Nightcap With 14KT

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When it's time to punch the clock at the end of a long day here at the TSS office, the word "nightcap" flies around like we're headed across the street to our local yokel smoky pub for a shot and a beer with McNulty.

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