The Celebrity Nude Hackers Have Their First Male Victim

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According to sources, it appears that Nick Hogan is the first male victim of the celebrity nude leak.


Steve-O Is Taunting The Celebrity Nude Photo Hackers With Racy Pics Of His Own

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Steve-O is using the celeb nude photo leak scandal as an excuse for Steve-O just being Steve-O.

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Kim Kardashian And Vanessa Hudgens Are The Latest Victims Of That Celeb Hacking Ring

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Nude photos of Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens were leaked on the internet this morning as part of an ongoing celeb hacking ring.


Helen Mirren Is Offended That Hackers Don’t Want Her Nude Pictures

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If any hackers want to see Helen Mirren's naked photos, she's more than willing to show them.

#The Daily Show

‘The Daily Show’ Covered The Nude Photo Leak By Ruining A Childhood Classic

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Jon Stewart is SHOCKED that people want to see other people naked.

Ricky Gervais

Everyone’s Mad At Ricky Gervais For What He Said About The Nude Photo Leak

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Ricky Gervais goes five minutes without talking about God, and says something stupid.

Leaked Nudes

#IfMyPhoneGotHacked Has People Sharing Their ‘Worst’ Cell Phone Photos On Twitter

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Unless you somehow stayed away from the Internet and any TV news source yesterday, you probably caught wind of what is arguably the greatest invasion of celebrity privacy of the online era.


Alexandra Daddario Dropped This Amazing Tweet About The Nude Photo Scandal

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The Emmys do not award someone for "most paused scene of the year", but if they did I have no doubt Alexandra Daddario wins in a landslide for True Detective.

nude photos leaked

Nude Photos Of Justin Verlander And Kate Upton Have Also Surfaced As Part Of That Massive Hacking

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The nasty invasion of privacy also hit the sports world as nude photos of Justin Verlander surfaced late yesterday evening.

nude photos leaked

Reps For Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Winstead, And Victoria Justice Respond To The Nude Photo Leak

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A few of the celebs featured in today's hacked nude photos have responded. Unsurprisingly, they're not happy.

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