Watch As These Women Experience Playboy Magazine For The First Time

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These ladies take attempt to read through Playboy for the first time, but soon realize the articles are all gibberish.


Pam Poovey’s Phone Has Been Hacked, And These Images Are How You Get Ants

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Pam Poovey's phone has been hacked. Dare you witness what the hackers found?

wrong number

A Horny Man Texted The Wrong Number Asking For Nudes, So The Recipient Made Him Draw Adorable Animals

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Instead of correcting the horny bastard, the writer trolled him for drawings of animals. The results are actually pretty good.

#Star Trek

Leonard Nimoy Retires From Acting…To Do More Nudes

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It looks like Leonard Nimoy's acting career has finally passed the final frontier, as the 79-year-old actor has told the Toronto Sun that he'll be retiring from acting, including his roles as Really Old Spock in Star Trek and William Bell in Fringe.


Video: Young Kid’s Reaction To Vanessa Hudgens Nudes

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I say with a certain degree of positivity that if most bloggers came up during this time, they wouldn't be speaking to you in the written form.


Coming Soon: Jennifer Lopez Nude Pictures?

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At the rate celebrity nudes are going, one would be wise to stock up on a variety of lotions.


Rihanna. Period.

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We are not purveyors of smut.

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