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‘Nurse 3D’ Is Straight Up Posting Bottomless Paz De La Huerta Gifs Now

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'Nurse 3D' is really winning the straightforward marketing award for its viral site of Paz De La Huerta naked gifs.


The ‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer Looks Pretty Interesting

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Paz de la Huerta takes crazy and sexy to a new level in the new trailer for 'Nurse 3D.'

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‘Nurse 3D’ Uses 3D Cinema To Its Obvious End

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Want to see Cerie Xerox and Lucy Danziger have a drunken hookup? Because that's the selling point of 'Nurse 3D!'

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Paz De La Huerta is a naked, 3D sex nurse & morning links

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Here's Paz De La Huerta doing what she does best in the concept art for Nurse 3D, a film "inspired in part by photographs of fantastical, sado-masochistic nurses by Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen.

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