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A Bunch Of Adults Tried School Lunches To See How Bad They Really Were

By | 10 Comments

Are school lunches really that bad or are we just raising a nation of whiny picky eaters?


Artificial Sweeteners May Be Giving You Diabetes

By | 50 Comments

Like diet soda? Think it's better for you than regular? Science is here to ruin your day, then!


New Highly Questionable Study Claims That Drinking Diet Coke Will Help You Lose Weight

By | 19 Comments

Unsurprisingly, a study paid for by soda companies says diet soda makes you skinny. The truth, needless to say, is slightly less forgiving.

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SURPRISE! ‘Gluten Intolerance’ Is Likely Bullsh*t!

By | 154 Comments

Science has disproved "gluten intolerance." Thanks, science!


Today In Food That's Totally Killing You: Diet Soda Is Making You Depressed. Maybe.

By | 5 Comments

The National Institutes of Health have found that diet soda makes you sad. Somehow. They're not sure why. They'll get back to you on that!


This Diet Sounds Delicious, Familiar

By | 2 Comments

Nutritionist Mark Haub of Kansas State University theorized that the number of calories consumed in a person's diet is more important than the nutritional content of the food.

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