Watch A Guy Take A Bullet To The Nads To Test ‘The World’s Strongest Athletic Cup’


Are Nutshellz really 'the world's strongest groin protector?' For this guy's sake, he better hope so.

howie mandel

Howie Mandel Told The Most Delightfully Insane Story About Having To Buy Jock Itch Cream

Enjoy a manic, freaked out Howie Mandel talking about having no idea what athlete's foot is or how to treat it.

nope nope nope

Science Says That Men Who Lose Their Balls Might Live Many Years Longer


A new report cites multiple studies that link castration to living a longer life, but some scientists aren't so sure. Also one writer.

cancer awareness

This Cancer Survivor Is Rolling A Giant Testicle Across The Country To Raise Awareness

A man named Thomas Cantley is rolling a giant inflatable testicle across the country for a good cause.

#shia labeouf

Shia LaBeouf Gets Weird And Storms Off Stage At The World Premiere Of ‘Nymphomaniac’


Shia LaBeouf escapes from his self imposed exile to make a weird statement at the world premiere of Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' in Berlin.


Steve Casino, Painter of Nuts

Steve Casino draws miniature portraits of celebrities on peanuts.


China’s Nutty Investment Trend

With few investment options because of limits on property purchases and stock market problems, many Chinese citizens are putting their money into walnuts.

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