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Watch This Double Dickshot KO From The Christian MMA Doc ‘Fight Church’ (For Jesus!)

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Two Christian muay thai competitors knock each other out with simultaneous groin shots.


Tom Hardy & Chris Pine fight over Reese Witherspoon in ‘This Means War’

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After the jump, you can watch the trailer for McG's This Means War, starring Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as two CIA super spies who are best of friends until one day, (*RECORD SCRATCH*) they realize they're both dating Reese Witherspoon (*SAD TROMBONE*).


Women hate your testicles: The Supercut

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I guess our video editor, Oliver Noble, felt bad for his last mash up, The Golden Age of Broad Smacking (which featured, among other things, Ronald Reagan slappin' down a bitch like she was Granada), because he just made this one, featuring various womyn exercising their discontent with patriarchal oppression through righteous groin punts (this is his second compilation of nutshots, in case you were keeping score).


Full-Length Trailer for Paul Is Making Me Look Like an Idiot

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It was only yesterday that I was explaining why Paul, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, from director Greg Mottola, was one of my most anticipated films of the year.


Hugh Jackman trains robots to punch other robots in the nuts

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In Real Steel, from the director of Night at the Museum, Hugh Jackman trains robots to box, which is one of the more ridiculous premises I've ever heard.


A Children’s Treasury of Nut Shots in Movie Trailers

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As much as someone getting hit in the groin in real life is instant, automatic comedic gold, I've long maintained that having someone get hit in the nuts during a movie trailer is all the proof you need that that movie is going to suck those same balls.


Martin Lawrence Stars in So You Think You Can Fatsuit Part 3

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Finally we have the trailer for the most anticipated film of the year, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.


Probably the stupidest thing ever

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Feast your eyes on the new trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Jerry Bruckheimer's latest insult to the collective intelligence.

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Starring Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis in Kevin Smith's major-studio, broad comedy debut, I had high hopes for Cop Out, or at least I really wanted to like it.



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I thought the first trailer for Universal's CGI, 3D animated Despicable Me was interesting because it didn't give away too much of the plot.



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Bernie Mac seemed like a cool guy, so I’d hate for him to go out like Raul Julia.

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