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Jon Stewart And Seth Rollins Came To (Low) Blows On WWE Raw

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Yes, Jon Stewart showed up on Raw and kicked Seth Rollins in the crotch. Yes, it was amazing. This is it in video and GIF form.


Until ‘Ow, My Balls!’ Is A Reality, Please Enjoy This Hilarious Nutshot Compilation

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Who doesn't love a good nutshot compilation? Go ahead and click, we won't tell anyone.

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‘Sniper Elite III’ Continues The Grand Tradition Of Shooting Hitler In The Ball

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'Sniper Elite III' lets you give a sudden, traumatic vasectomy to the one man in modern history who genuinely deserves it.

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‘Saw VIII’ Is Happening Because Why On Earth Wouldn’t It?

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Despite the fact that it has been three years since Saw 3D was in theaters, Lionsgate is reportedly planning Saw VIII.


Gymnast Girl Lands Devastating Handspring Nutshot


Behold, the most acrobatic (and least pleasant) form of birth control.


Brutal Parkour Fail


This poor guy might be the first person to simultaneously suffer a nutshot and a faceplant in the same stunt attempt.


Painful Nutshot Compilation


Some of the best (most painful) nutshot clips the Internet has to offer, all in one video.


Well Drilling Fail


This attempt to drill a water well features fail after fail, culminating in maximum pain at the very end of the clip.


Blindfolded Nutshot Prank


A deviously clever young man challenges his "friend" to complete a blindfolded task, with painful results.


Insane Backflip Nutshots


Two of the most painful-looking nutshots you will ever see, and both were absorbed by the same guy.


Incredible Balance Beam Backflip Nutshot


Horse, the self-proclaimed "King of the Nutshots," takes his talents to the balance beam.


Pepe, The Ndamukong Suh Of Soccer

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I almost called him "The Ndamukong Suh Of Football.


The Ultimate Nutshot Compilation


The most painful shots to the man area the Internet has to offer, all in one video.


Lukasz Piszczek Needs To Get His Pisz Checked

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get it In the spiritual successor to a soccer ball ricocheting into a goalie's crotch, Borussia Dortmund’s defender Lukasz Piszczek slides to stop a goal and slides testes-first into the goal post.


The Most Painful Way to Stop a Goal


Polish defender Lukasz Piszczek takes one for the team.


Russian Bike Jump Fail


This one's going to require extra vodka.


Move Over, Melissa Tancredi: Nicolas Batum Just Stole The Show

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While people want to turn video of Melissa Tancredi stepping on Carli Lloyd’s head into the next Zapruder film, I think the majority of us can agree that Argentina’s Facundo Campazzo blatantly hitting Carmelo Anthony in the nuts was one of the lowest points of Olympic competition.


Women hate your testicles: The Supercut

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I guess our video editor, Oliver Noble, felt bad for his last mash up, The Golden Age of Broad Smacking (which featured, among other things, Ronald Reagan slappin' down a bitch like she was Granada), because he just made this one, featuring various womyn exercising their discontent with patriarchal oppression through righteous groin punts (this is his second compilation of nutshots, in case you were keeping score).


Favre’s Junk Is All Over The Place

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Incredibly talented sports and TV personality Jenn Sterger is at the center of a NFL investigation concerning Brett Favre's wrinkled old penis, but we all know plenty about this already, and if you don't then you need to catch up the gross way by checking out this post at Kissing Suzy Kolber from last week.

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