The NYPD Is Reportedly Using ‘Road House’ To Teach Police Officers To Be Nice

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The NYPD is allegedly showing Patrick Swayze's classic speech from 'Road House' to trainees in an attempt to make the nicer on the job.

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‘Good Guy’ Justin Bieber Picked Up The Check For A Bunch Of NYPD Officers

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Justin Bieber is working some kind of angle here, but we're not sure what it is.

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Watch NYPD Officers Harass And Throw A Man To The Ground For Taking Part In Ellen’s Silly ‘Dance Dare’

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A man doing nothing more than dancing quickly found himself being cursed at and shoved to the ground by NYPD officers.

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The War On Prejudice Claims Its First Blue Casualties

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Looking at the aftermath of in the wake of the shooting that left two New York Police Department dead on December 21, 2014.


Police Body Cameras Can’t See Justice

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Can police body cameras really save us from injustice?


These Female Officers Are In Hot Water For Posting Racy Selfies On Social Media

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Did these New York City police officers go too far on social media? The department seems to think so and they're dropping the hammer on them.


Video: NYPD Cops Interrupt A Comic’s Set To Make An Arrest, Then Heckle Him For Good Measure

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It's bad enough when cops interrupt your set to make an arrest, but to have them heckle you too?


NYPD Officers Are Now Being Trained To Be Funnier On Twitter

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The New York Police Department reportedly issued a 34-page handbook to teach officers how to be funnier on Twitter.


The NYPD Is Investigating Bryan Singer In A New Sexual Assault Case

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If only there were an Oscar for being accused of sexual assault, Bryan Singer would probably be a nominee.

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Shia LaBeouf Was Cuffed And Escorted Out Of A Broadway Show In Tears For Disrupting The Performance

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According to one of the play's actors and a witness, Shia LaBeouf was cuffed and removed from 'Cabaret' for being extremely disruptive.


Some New York City Strippers Are Accused Of Drugging Rich Men For Their Money

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At least four professional strippers have been arrested by the DEA and NYPD for drugging rich clients and running tabs as high as $200,000.


The NYPD Learned That Twitter Hashtag Campaigns Aren’t For Everyone

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People on Twitter turned the NYPD's attempt at a hashtag campaign into an opportunity to post photos of police brutality.


NYPD And NYFD Hockey Players Brawled In The Name Of Charity Yesterday

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During the second period of their annual charity hockey game, NYPD and NYFD players cleared the benches and had a brawl for the ages.


Amanda Bynes Tweet To Rihanna: ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough’

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Although the Tweets have been deleted, Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior by Tweeting at Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her because she is ugly.


NYPD Orders Cops To Stop Being Trolls On The Internet


The NYPD has issued a set of social media rules after a number of officers were found posting "racist and offensive comments" to Facebook.


Twitter withholds name of man who threatened to shoot up Spike Lee play

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A Twitter user threatened to shoot up the Broadway opening of a Mike Tyson one-man-show being directed by Spike Lee on Friday.


Marvel Developing A Punisher TV Series

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ABC Studios (owned by Disney, which owns Marvel) has sold an hour-long police procedural TV show based on The Punisher to FOX.


Will Ferrell’s NYPD video is swell. Also, he’s making a Spanish movie.

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After the jump, you can watch Will Ferrell's new NYPD recruitment video, created for Funny or Die as promotion for The Other Guys.

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