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A ‘Cosby Show’ Alum Will Drive O.J. Simpson Around In ‘American Crime Story’

He'll get to flex his acting chops to help turn one of the slowest and most uneventful police chases into high drama.


O.J. Simpson Has Now Been Dragged Into The Amber Rose-Khloe Kardashian Feud


Let's get the details out of the way here because most of you have no idea who these women are (and we don't blame you) or what this has to do with O.

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A 20-Year-Old Case Involving O.J. Simpson Was Finally Solved And No, It’s Not The One You’re Thinking Of


O.J.'s Heisman trophy has finally been recovered because yes, that's the case we all wanted more information about.

american crime story

David Schwimmer Is Set To Play Robert Kardashian In Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Crime Story: People Vs. O.J.’


'Friends' alum David Schwimmer is joining Ryan Murphy's true crime mini-series as O.J. Simpson's friend and attorney, Robert Kardashian.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Pooped His Pants During ‘Predator’ (And Other Things We Learned From His AMA)


Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Reddit and told stories about Andre The Giant, near death experiences on set, and a bathroom emergency during 'Predator'.


O.J. Simpson Has Been Granted Parole But Won’t Be Leaving Prison Just Yet

The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners granted O.J. Simpson parole on some of the counts he was convicted of in 2008, but he won't be leaving prison yet.

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O.J. Simpson Says ‘Anger Management’ Producers Want Him On The Show, FX Begs To Differ


O.J. Simpson will not be appearing on "Anger Management," no matter what the New York Post claims.

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Amazing Find: Lost Letter From Latrell Sprewell


If you've never visited the blog, Rocking The Suburbs, then you're missing out.

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