A Fecal Transplant May Have Just Offered Dramatic Proof That Obesity Is Caused By Gut Flora

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A woman got a fecal transplant and may have accidentally helped prove a link between gut floral and obesity.


A British Columnist Gained 43 Pounds Just To Prove Her Belief That Fat People Are Lazy

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British 'Apprentice' star Katie Hopkins gained and lost 43 pounds for a TLC special 'Fat and Back.'


Those Silly Coke Bottles With Names On Them Increased Sales For The 1st Time In A Decade

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If you bought a Coke to "share" this summer, you helped Coca-Cola see their first sales increase in a decade.


Australia Might Soon Beat Out The USA As The Fattest Country In The World

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Now we can just be known for our horrible reputation with guns and violence!


The U.S. Is No Longer The World’s Fattest Country

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According to the United Nations, Mexico has passed the U.S. as the world's fattest country as the wealth gap between classes continues to grow.


Possible Cancer Treatment Slims Down Porky Monkeys?


Human nature being what it is, inevitably, we turn our enormous brains to our own vanity.


Just How Fat Is Your Pet Gonna Get?


The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and Banfield Pet Hospital teamed up for a national survey involving our beloved pet dogs and cats, and the results were quite shocking.


What’s So Wrong With Being Obese?

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Fast food restaurants throughout Britain could be the target of a new Fat Tax in 2012 that would charge the owners £1,000 before they open to the public as part of a new program that would create awareness of childhood obesity.


Hey Taco Bell, Where’s The Beef?

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An Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell over accusations that the pseudo-Mexican fast food chain is not living up to government standards with its meat.

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Video Games May Not Make Kids Fat

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It's the stereotype that the media loves to trot out again and again: roly-poly kids that porked up from sitting around and playing video games.

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