Obits: Charmayne Maxwell Of ’90s R&B Group Brownstone Dies At 46

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Brownstone singer Charmayne Maxwell died on Friday after suffering an accident in her home.


Obits: Former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dies At 78

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One of D.C.'s most memorable personalities passes away.


Doc From ‘Fraggle Rock’ (Gerard Parkes) Has Passed Away

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A fondly remembered part of our childhood has died, and I'm afraid we can't just dance our cares away for this one.


Comedienne Joan Rivers Dies At 81

By | 17 Comments

A controversial comedic legend passes away after complications from surgery.

Ruby Dee

Obits: Legendary Actress Ruby Dee Dies At 91

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Legendary actress and activist passes away.


James Rebhorn Wrote His Own Obituary Before Dying And It's Beautiful

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We should all be so lucky as to be able to write our own obits. And to be so damn eloquent in doing so, too.

William Freddie McCullough

RIP William Freddie McCullough, Lover Of ‘Beautiful Women, Reeses Cups And Jim Beam’

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2013 has been a great year for random people's obituaries. Add William Freddie McCullough to that list.

t model ford

The NY Times Obit For Bluesman T-Model Ford Is Incredible


Money shot: "(T-Model) Ford spoke openly, and amiably, of having killed at least one man."


Michael Hastings Of Rolling Stone & Buzzfeed Is Dead At 33

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Journalist/author Michael Hastings, a contributor at Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone, died today in a fiery car accident in Los Angeles. He was 33.


It Looks Like NASA’s Kepler Telescope Has Come To The End Of The Road

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NASA's orbiting Kepler telescope may have found its final exoplanet. We say farewell in the most appropriate manner we know how.


A Tribute To Ray Harryhausen’s Life And Work In GIFs

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Ray Harryhausen has left us. But he won't soon be forgotten.

waffle house

‘Waffle House Customer’ Toni Larroux Has Maybe The Funniest Obituary Ever

By | 4 Comments

Antonia W. "Toni" Larroux lived an amazing life and has a fantastic, hilarious obituary.

peter scott

The World’s Best Cat Burglar Has Died And His Obituary Is Simply Outstanding

By | 6 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Peter Scott, a modern day Robin Hood. If you enjoy sex, danger, greed and skullduggery, you might envy the life this man lived.


Obit For Man Who ‘Loved Buttermilk Served In Martini Glasses Garnished With Cornbread’ Is Just Great

By | 25 Comments

Harry Weathersby Stamps hated Law and Order, Martha Stewart and Daylight Savings Time. He and I could have been pals.

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