Keith Ratliff, One Half Of The Popular FPSRussia YouTube Channel, Murdered In Georgia

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Keith Ratliff, who co-runs the sixth most popular YouTube channel FPSRussia, is dead at age 32 in a suspected homicide.


Lord Michael Pratt’s Obituary Is The Stuff Of Legend

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As much as I should probably want to hate Lord Michael Pratt after reading his obit, I can't help but love him. His obit is far too rife with ridiculousness for me to hate on him.


Remembering Neil Armstrong, The 'White-Socks, Pocket-Protector, Nerdy Engineer'

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Let's take a moment to elaborate upon just how awesome Neil Armstrong was. Bonus: Buzz Aldrin punches a moon landing denier.

sherman hemsley

RIP Sherman Hemsley

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According to TMZ, naturally, Sherman Hemsley -- the actor famous for his portrayal of George Jefferson on The Jeffersons and All In The Family -- has died. He was 74.


Tip A Forty Of Tang For Pioneering Astronaut And All-Around Awesome Person Sally Ride

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Sally Ride was the first American woman to go to space, and the youngest American to go to space at the time. She was cooler than you.


R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine

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"I've been looking for a girl every Saturday night of my life."


R.I.P. Trololo Guy Eduardo Khil

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When we first saw Eduardo Khil (AKA the Trololo Guy) back in 2010, we regarded the video with bemusement and weren't even annoyed when it became widely parodied and repeated.

robin gibb

R.I.P. Robin Gibb

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The past week has not been kind to the disco era.


R.I.P. Maurice Sendak


Maurice Sendak, the curmudgeonly children's book author famous for writing "Where the Wild Things Are," has died from complications of a stroke.


A Look Back On The Iconic Art Of Jean "Moebius" Giraud

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Just a week after the awful news that we've lost Ralph McQuarrie, we're sad to report Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius, has passed away at the age of 73 after a long battle with cancer.


So Long, Andrew Breitbart


Bombastic conservative activist, political provocateur and web pioneer Andrew Breitbart died last night.

the monkees

RIP: Davy Jones Dead at 66

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Davy Jones, the lead singer of the the first manufactured band*, The Monkees, has died.

the monkeys

Davy Jones Of The Monkees Is Dead

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Davy Jones, the British lead singer of a band called The Monkees that was formed entirely for a television show about a Beatles-type band, is dead after suffering a heart attack.

whitney houston

Whitney Houston Has Died

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AP, TMZ, and CNN report legendary performer Whitney Houston has died at age 48, as confirmed by her publicist Kristen Foster.

soul train

So Long, Don Cornelius

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Don Cornelius of Soul Train fame has died.


Man Who Tries to Live Like Bear Grylls Dies Like Christopher McCandless

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Inspired by Bear Grylls, a 29-year-old British man, David Austin, decided to embark on a year-long adventure in the Scottish wilderness.


So Long Etta James


Etta James is dead after a long battle with cancer, just a day after the death of Johnny Otis, the man widely credited for discovering James and molding her career.

#arrested development

R.I.P. Patrice O’Neal

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Comedian Patrice O'Neal died last night, one month after suffering a massive stroke.

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