Obits: Former Knicks Favorite Anthony Mason Dies At 48

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Former pro basketball player Anthony Mason dies at 48.


A Florida Man’s Obituary Lists His Cause Of Death As An ‘Uppercut From Batman’

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A 31-year old man's family and friends chose to honor his love of comic books with a special nod to Batman in his published obituary.

bill brasky

Sh*t You Guys, A Real Life Version Of Bill Brasky Has Passed Away

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Raymond Alan 'Big Al' Brownley of Pittsburgh WAS the real life Bill Brasky, and although we never knew him, let us honor his memory.


Comedienne Joan Rivers Dies At 81

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A controversial comedic legend passes away after complications from surgery.

80s nostalgia

A Tribute To Menahem Golan, The ’80s Genre Movie King

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You may not know the name Menahem Golan... but he paid for a lot of the cheesy movies you saw when you were a kid.


Obits: Roots Manager Rich Nichols Passes Away

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Longtime leader of the band since their inception.

Ruby Dee

Obits: Legendary Actress Ruby Dee Dies At 91

By | 14 Comments

Legendary actress and activist passes away.


H.R. Giger, The Oscar-Winning Creator Of ‘Alien’, Has Died

By | 15 Comments

Swiss artist H.R. Giger has died at age 74, and we've collected a few of his iconic works here to appreciate the man.


A Tribute To Al Feldstein, One Of The Defining Voices Of MAD Magazine

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You may not know the name Al Feldstein, but you know his work. A requiem for a great man in comics.


Obits: Remembering Chicago Footwork Pioneer DJ Rashad

By | 2 Comments

Remembering the influential Chicago DJ and his influence on the current crop of Chi-Town artists

Rob Base

Obits: DJ E-Z Rock Of “It Takes Two” Fame Passes Away

By | 6 Comments

Legendary as one of the names behind one of rap's biggest hits from 1988.

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